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Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) Information


The New Jersey Supreme Court has adopted the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), beginning with the February 2017 administration of the exam.  Subject to forthcoming amendments to the Rules of Court, the Supreme Court has adopted the following related provisions for application using a transferred UBE score:

  • The score attained on the UBE examination must meet or exceed the minimum score requirements to pass the New Jersey bar examination of 266.
  • A completed application must be submitted within thirty-six (36) months of the date of the exam administration in which the UBE score was earned.  Consistent with the standard practice of other   jurisdictions that have implemented the UBE, New Jersey will accept UBE scores earned prior to New Jersey’s first administration of the UBE (February 2017), provided the transfer application   is timely and complies with all other requirements.
  • Each applicant shall be fingerprinted with respect to each application in accordance with rules prescribed by the Board.
  • Each applicant shall provide satisfactory evidence that the applicant is more than 18 years of age.
  • Each applicant shall provide, in a manner prescribed by the Board, certification by a duly authorized officer of the applicant's law school that it is approved by the American Bar Association and that it has awarded the applicant a Juris Doctor degree or its equivalent.
  • Each applicant must provide satisfactory evidence that the applicant is a member of the bar in good standing in every other jurisdiction which has ever admitted the applicant to practice.
  • Each applicant shall pay all required fee(s) established by the Board.

In addition, each applicant must be certified by the Committee on Character and present proof of having attained a qualifying score on the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Examination (currently 75) or passage of an approved course on professional ethics given by an American Bar Association-accredited law school.

Additional information can be found under the UBE FAQs on this website.

The first UBE examination and UBE score transfer applications will be available on October 1, 2016.