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Fees & Deadlines

Candidates may now apply for the July 2016 New Jersey Bar Examination.  The deadline for submitting a timely application, with the requisite fee of $575, has been extended to April 22, 2016.  The fee for applications received after that date is $1,100, and the final application deadline is April 30, 2016.

Special Notice:  The Board of Bar Examiners will administer the New Jersey bar examination in July 2016.  The Supreme Court of New Jersey created the Ad Hoc Committee on the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) to review and recommend to the Court whether, going forward, New Jersey should adopt the UBE as a replacement for the state’s existing bar examination format.  The Ad Hoc Committee submitted its Report and Recommendations, which have been published on the Judiciary’s Website (, and the Court has requested written comments from the legal community and interested members of the public by March 31, 2016.  The Board of Bar Examiners cannot anticipate whether the Supreme Court will make a decision regarding the UBE prior to April 22, 2016.  Candidates who aspire to New Jersey licensure in 2016 must be prepared to submit their completed application by April 22, 2016, and to sit for the New Jersey bar examination in July 2016, as in past years.  Thus, such candidates should have the character and fitness questionnaire completed and ready for submission well in advance of April 22 to ensure that they can meet that application deadline.

* Notwithstanding the determination of the Supreme Court regarding the UBE, the July 2016 New Jersey bar examination will be held on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 and Thursday, July 28, 2016 and will NOT be a UBE examination.

Applications must be completed and mailed (postmarked) to the Board of Bar Examiners in accordance with the following fee schedule.

If a deadline falls on a Sunday or a holiday, the application must be postmarked the following day.

Bar Exam Applications Postmarked/Hand Delivered Deadlines
Filing Deadline
February Exam
July Exam
October 1 - October 31
March 1 - March 31
First Late
November 1 - November 15
April 1 - April 15
Final Deadline - No Exceptions
November 16 - November 30
April 16 - April 30


ADA Testing Accommodation Applications Postmarked:
February Bar Exams
July Bar Exams
November 30
April 30



Bar Exam Re-application Postmarked/Submitted/Hand Delivered Deadlines - ONLY applicants taking the exam immediately preceding the exam for which you are registering
February Exam
July Exam
Re-application - After July Bar Exam Results
Re-application - After February Bar Exam Results
APPROXIMATELY 15 DAYS after the release of results.
Exact dates will be provided to re-applicants
APPROXIMATELY 15 DAYS after the release of results.
Exact dates will be provided to re-applicants


Each candidate must either pay by credit card or include a non-refundable cashier's check or money order with his or her application for admission to the bar examination. The cashier's check or money order is to be made payable to the Secretary, Board of Bar Examiners. Personal checks or cash are not accepted. Applications received without payment (either attached to the application or online if paid by credit card) will be considered late.  The applicant may be required to petition the Court and/or pay a late fee.  Application fees are non-refundable.


Miscellaneous Bar Fees
Wall License
Replacement of Wall License
Replacement of Wall License for Name Change
Request for Return of Failure Essay Books
Certificate of Good Standing