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System Maintenance September 16, 2020

Please note that our system will be down for maintenance Wednesday, September 16th from 6:30 a.m. - 7:00 a.m.  During this time credit card payments cannot be submitted, plan accordingly.

COVID-19 – October 2020 Remote Bar Examination – Scratch Paper Permitted for MPT ONLY

The New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners will permit applicants to use scratch paper on the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) portion of the exam ONLY. This change is being made due to the length of the MPT materials, limited screen space, and the current highlighting functionality available in the ExamSoft software. Please note that scratch paper may NOT be used on the Multistate Essay Examination  (MEE) or Multistate Bar Examination (MBE).  Use of scratch paper on the MEE or MBE will result in further investigation.

COVID-19 – October 2020 Remote Bar Examination – Updated FAQS Posted

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the October 2020 Remote Bar Examination have been updated to provide important information regarding technology requirements, ExamSoft registration, Examplify mock exams, test day requirements, software features and functionality, remote proctoring, identification, technical support and results. We encourage you to review the FAQs by clicking the above FAQs tab.

COVID-19 -- October 2020 Remote Bar Examination -- ExamSoft Laptop Registration Opens Today

The October 5-6, 2020 Remote Bar Examination laptop registration through ExamSoft will open on Tuesday, September 1st and should be completed by Tuesday, September 8th.  All applicants, including non-standard testing applicants, must register for the new laptop program.  All applicants will be receiving an email from ExamSoft with instructions to download and register the latest version of the examination software (i.e., Examplify). 

Through the registration process, applicants will be provided with access to take and upload two mandatory mock exams through Examplify: “Mock Exam 1” and “Mock Exam 2.”  The mock exams are critical to the administration of the examination, and also allow you to test the software and your equipment, and gain familiarity with the functions of the software.  In all, the Board of Bar Examiners is asking that you complete a combination of these mock exams on three occasions as described below.

Applicants should complete Mock Exam 1 between Tuesday, September 1st and Tuesday, September 8th, at their convenience.  In addition, applicants should take Mock Exam 2 on Tuesday, September 8th at 11 AM (Eastern Time) or as close in time as possible to maximize the number of applicants using the system for the purpose of this test. 

As previously announced, the Board will conduct a third mock test session on September 21st.  Therefore, applicants should again complete the Mock Exam 2 on Monday, September 21st at 11 AM (Eastern Time) or as close in time as possible to maximize the number of applicants using the system for the purpose of this test.

Please note, Mock Exam 2 may not be taken more than twice. 

System Maintenance August 30, 2020

Please note that our system will be down for maintenance Sunday, August 30th from 12:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.  During this time credit card payments cannot be submitted, plan accordingly.

COVID-19 – October 2020 Remote Bar Examination — ExamSoft Frequently Asked Questions Now Available

The Board of Bar Examiners has posted frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the ExamSoft software which will be required for the October 2020 Remote Bar Examination.  We encourage you to review the FAQs by clicking the above FAQs tab.

COVID-19 – October 2020 Remote Bar Examination – Retention of ExamSoft as Vendor

The Board of Bar Examiners has retained ExamSoft Worldwide Inc. as its vendor for the remotely proctored bar examination in October 2020.  In retaining ExamSoft as a partner, New Jersey joins the majority of jurisdictions who are administering the NCBE’s October examination, including New York, with whom we have reciprocity agreements for the transferability of scores.

The Board will post and distribute answers to frequently asked questions about the software in the coming days, and applicants will receive instructions for the download and installation of the testing software at the beginning of September, as planned. The Board also will proceed with the two large-scale mock tests previously announced for the mornings of September 8, 2020 and September 21, 2020.  In the meantime, applicants are encouraged to review the minimum system requirements for the ExamSoft software:

COVID-19 – October 2020 Remote Bar Examination – Reciprocal Agreement Signed with New York

Pursuant to Supreme Court order, dated July 15, 2020, the Board of Bar Examiners is pleased to announce that it has entered into an additional reciprocity agreement with New York for the portability of scores from the October 5th-6th, 2020 remote bar examination.  The Board of Bar Examiners will continue to seek reciprocity with other jurisdictions who determine to offer the NCBE’s October 5th-6th, 2020 remote bar examination and will provide further updates accordingly.  For a complete listing of all reciprocal jurisdictions, click here.   

Pursuant to the reciprocal agreements, the Board of Bar Examiners will report applicants' scores on the October 2020 remote bar examination to all jurisdictions having a reciprocal arrangement with New Jersey. Prior to taking the examination, applicants who do not wish to have their scores reported to other jurisdictions may opt out of this automatic reporting.  Instructions for opting out and additional detailed information will be posted to the Board of Bar Examiners website at a later date.  To be eligible for admission to a reciprocal jurisdiction under these agreements, applicants must attain a passing score as set by the jurisdiction to which they wish to apply, meet all other eligibility requirements for admission set by that jurisdiction, and submit an application for admission as required by that jurisdiction. 


For full details of Supreme Court order, dated July 15, 2020, click here.

COVID-19 – Due Date Extended to August 18th for “October 2020 Remote Bar Examination Opt-Out Form”

The due date for submitting the October 2020 Remote Bar Examination Opt-Out” form has been extended to Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

New Jersey bar examination applicants who submitted their application for the September 2020 bar examination (rescheduled July 2020 examination) and paid the application fee, but who do not wish to take the October 2020 Remote Bar Examination, may request their application be:

  • Withdrawn and that their application fee be refunded, or
  • Deferred and that their application fee be carried over to the next administration of an in-person examination (i.e. February 2021). 

Applicants must submit the form via e-mail to: no later than Tuesday, August 18, 2020.  Please be advised that once you submit this form, the Board of Bar Examiners will deem your decision final. 

The October 2020 Remote Bar Examination Opt-Out” form can be found under the “Other Forms” tab. 

COVID-19 – October 2020 Remote Bar Examination – Additional Illinois Reciprocal Agreement

Pursuant to Supreme Court order, dated July 15, 2020, the Board of Bar Examiners is pleased to announce that it has entered into an additional reciprocity agreement with Illinois for the portability of scores from the October 5th-6th, 2020 remote bar examination.  The Board of Bar Examiners will continue to seek reciprocity with other jurisdictions who determine to offer the NCBE’s October 5th-6th, 2020 remote bar examination and will provide further updates accordingly.  For a complete listing of all reciprocal jurisdictions, click here.

Pursuant to the reciprocal agreements, the Board of Bar Examiners will automatically report each applicant's score on the October 2020 remote bar examination to all jurisdictions having a reciprocal arrangement with New Jersey. Prior to taking the examination, applicants who do not wish to have their scores reported to other jurisdictions may opt out of this automatic reporting.  Instructions for opting out and additional detailed information will be posted to the Board of Bar Examiners website at a later date.  To be eligible for admission to a reciprocal jurisdiction under these agreements, applicants must attain a passing score as set by the jurisdiction to which they wish to apply, meet all other eligibility requirements for admission set by that jurisdiction, and submit an application for admission as required by that jurisdiction.  

For full details of Supreme Court order, dated July 15, 2020, click here.


October 5th-6th, 2020 Remote Bar Examination Interstate Portability of Scores Reciprocal Jurisdictions

COVID-19 – October 2020 Remote Bar Examination Opt-Out Form – Due August 14th

New Jersey bar examination applicants who submitted their application for the September 2020 bar examination (rescheduled July 2020 examination) and paid the application fee, but who do not wish to take the October 2020 Remote Bar Examination, may request their application be: 

  • Withdrawn and that their application fee be refunded, or
  • Deferred and that their application fee be carried over to the next administration of an in-person examination (i.e. February 2021). 

Applicants must submit the form via e-mail to: no later than Friday, August 14, 2020.  Please be advised that once you submit this form, the Board of Bar Examiners will deem your decision final.

The October 2020 Remote Bar Examination Opt-Out” form can be found under the “Other Forms” tab. 

COVID-19 – October 2020 Remote Bar Examination -- Reciprocal Agreements

Pursuant to Supreme Court order, dated July 15, 2020, the Board of Bar Examiners is pleased to announce that it has entered into reciprocity agreements with the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts and Tennessee for the portability of scores from the October 5th -6th, 2020 remote bar examination.  The Board of Bar Examiners will continue to seek reciprocity with other jurisdictions who determine to offer the NCBE’s October 5th--6th, 2020 remote bar examination and will provide a listing and further updates accordingly.  

Pursuant to the reciprocal agreements, the Board of Bar Examiners will automatically report each applicant's score on the October 2020 remote bar examination to all jurisdictions having a reciprocal arrangement with New Jersey. Prior to taking the examination, applicants who do not wish to have their scores reported to other jurisdictions may opt out of this automatic reporting.  Instructions for opting out and additional detailed information will be posted to the Board of Bar Examiners website at a later date.  To be eligible for admission to a reciprocal jurisdiction under these agreements, applicants must attain a passing score as set by the jurisdiction to which they wish to apply, meet all other eligibility requirements for admission set by that jurisdiction, and submit an application for admission as required by that jurisdiction. 

For full details of Supreme Court order, dated July 15, 2020, click here.

COVID-19 – Remote October 2020 Bar Examination In Lieu of Fall 2020 In-Person Exam

The Supreme Court has announced that, due to the gaining strength of the COVID-19 pandemic in many areas of the country and the resulting serious threat to health and safety, the September 9th and 10th, 2020 in-person administration of the New Jersey Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) is canceled. An alternative, remotely-proctored examination for admission to the New Jersey bar will be offered on October 5th and 6th, 2020 in lieu of the UBE. 

For full details and requirements, under this Supreme Court order, dated July 15, 2020, click here.

COVID-19 – 2020 Law Graduates – Temporary Supervised Practice of Law – Expedited Review for July 1st Submissions

2020 law graduates who are eligible for temporary supervised practice of law and who submit their “2020 Law Graduate Certified Application for Temporary Supervised Practice of Law (due to COVID-19)” form by July 1, 2020 will receive expedited review by the Committee on Character. Such applicants are strongly urged to make every effort to submit all supplemental documents by that date.


The “2020 Law Graduate Certified Application for Temporary Supervised Practice of Law (due to COVID-19)” form can be found under the “Other Forms” tab of our website. 


System Maintenance June 21, 2020

Please note that our system will be down for maintenance Sunday, June 21st from 7 a.m.- 9 a.m.  During this time credit card payments cannot be submitted, plan accordingly.

COVID-19 – 2020 Law Graduates – Temporary Supervised Practice of Law Form

2020 law graduates requesting permission to temporarily practice law, under supervision of a New Jersey licensed attorney, as an interim measure due to the postponement of the July 2020 bar examination (as a result of COVID-19) pursuant to the Supreme Court’s temporary relaxation of  Rule 1:21-3, must make that request on the form designated by the Board of Bar Examiners.  The “2020 Law Graduate Certified Application for Temporary Supervised Practice of Law (due to COVID-19)” form can be found under the “Other Forms” tab. 

COVID-19 – Submission of Roll of Attorneys (Oath Form)

Pursuant to Rule 1:27-1 (c), submission of your original Roll of Attorneys (oath form) is required within 30-days of taking the attorney’s oath. 

Currently, our service window is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we ask that you mail the form to us. 

To ensure that you meet your 30-day obligation under Rule 1:27-1 (c) in a timely manner, it is strongly recommended that you file the completed oath form with the Board of Bar Examiners by sending it via Certified Mail or Overnight Messenger Service (i.e., any service that will provide you with a delivery receipt) within one week of your taking the oath.

For US Postal Service:

Secretary, Board of Bar Examiners

P.O. Box 973

Trenton, NJ 08625

For Overnight Delivery (not USPS):

Secretary, Board of Bar Examiners

Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, 8th Floor, North Wing

25 W. Market St

Trenton, NJ 08611

Please be sure to make and retain a copy for your records.

If you are interested in admission to the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, go to for more information.

February 2020 Successful Candidates


Candidates who passed the examination must refer to their user home pages for specific information regarding their eligibility for admission.  Please note that passing the examination does NOT automatically admit you to practice law in New Jersey.  It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided.


Of the 455 applicants that sat for the exam, results were sent to 449.  Of the 449, 201 or 44.76% passed.


Ackley, Jeffrey
Aldous, Eleanor
Arno, Daniel
Arnold, Matthew
Arre, Peter
Ashley, Michael
Atchison-Henderson, Bryashia
Baker, Kim
Barbone, Jordan
Barr, Isiah
Barry, Kelly
Bartlett, Brian
Bevan, Nicholas
Birch, Richard
Bishara-Rhone, Marina
Bizien, Anthony
Bluestein, Adam
Breaux, Tyler
Brennan, Patrick
Budline, Maxx
Buecker, Sean
Bush, Morgan
Byrd, Veronica
Campbell, Jennifer
Campbell, John
Campise, Christopher
Carola, Daniel
Carrara, Christian
Castaldi, David
Castano, Jenaleigh
Chaplar, Steven
Chaudhari, Aditya
Chipkin, Chloe
Chorney, Spencer
Clermont, Woody
Coleman, John
Collins, Samuel
corazon, alexander
Costa, Kyle
Danon, Ilan
Davila, Michael
Day, Carmen
Day, Kyle
Degnan, Colleen
Delaney, Amber
Denny, Christopher
Desai, Anuja
DeStefano, Casandra
Devine, Robert
Dilts, Kathleen
DiSandro, Joseph
Donaldson, Yvette
Dume, Victor
Emerson, Jillian
Ernst, John
Esler, Victoria
Evans, Spencer
Ewing, Brendan
Familia, Pedro
Feliciano, Cynthia
Forman, Joel
Franke, Hannah
Fulton, Stephanie
Gardner, Joanna
Gargiulo, Christine
Gawron, Krystian
Geib, Ryan
Givner, Ariel
Gordon, Robert
Grossman, Andrew
Han, Brian
Hanson, Ryan
Harley, Brooke
Harvilla, Kristen
He, Yiyi
Hernandez, Christian
Hlywiak, Nicholas
Holik, Volha
Huang, Mushu
Hudak, Christopher
Huerta, Marisa
Humphreys, Benjamin
Hussain, Farah
Inglin, Korey
Iuliano, Jason
Jakubcak, Michal
Jenkin, Robert
Joseph, Nakicha
Kajari, Alexandra
Kalbfell, Christopher
Kaplan, Arthur
Kelly, Ryan
Kelly, Kevin
Kelly, Ryan
Kenney, Melissa
Kim, Noah
Kim, Danny
Kim, Minji
Kim, Helen
Kimmel, Zachary
Kirby, Elijah
Klubeck, Nicholas
Korpita, Gianna
Krag, Kristen
Krisch, Daniel
Kurtz, Jo-Ellen
Kuttikattu, Asha
LaMorte, Dylan
Lang, John
Lawlor, Jonathan
Lechette, Richard
Lee, Steven
Licciardi, Michael
Little, Nicole
Lott, Alyssa
Machado, Charles
Malinski, Christopher
Manolas, Craig
Marrelli, Samantha
Marro, Logan
Mastronardi, James
Maynard, Kean
McCarron, Tanner
McCleary, Madelyn
McIntyre, Nicholas
McKeon, Jaclyn
McMahon, Matthew
McMullin, Hunter
Meehan, Daniel
Melinek, Madison
Mills, Brooke
Miner, Elise
Minkoff, Aron
Mohanty, Rohan
Morello, Nicholas
Neufville, Maxelle
Novak, Ana
Novelli, Chelsea
Olan, Jennifer
O'Malley, Judith
O'Reilly, Sharon
Outlaw, Gabrielle
Owens, Micaela
Padilla, Maria Jose
Patel, Priya
Patterson, Allison
Pegno, Kristine
Petagna, Kristen
Power, Meghan
Rafiq, Amal
Ramagano, Samantha
Ramos, Kenny
Ramos, Angela-Patricia
Redfern, Cameron
Reinprecht, Megan
Reyes Candelaria, Cesar
Rice, Kyle
Rivera, Krizia
Rodgers, Jonathan
Rogers, Steven
Roman, Nicole
Romeo, Michael
Romero, Joana
Rusinack, Brittany
Schaer, Michael
Schecter, Sydne
Scholz, Montana
Schroy, Stephen
Sefton, Erica
Shorr, Shayna
Siegeltuch, Kathryn
Sosnowicz, Stasha
Spain, Ryan
Strafaci, Andrew
Sulvetta, Daniel
Tager, Shonti
Taylor, Amanda
Thompson, Rachel
Ting, John
Torres, Stacey
Toto, Michael
Unger, Daniel
Urmson, Noeleen
Van Wagoner, Jessica
Vito, Frank
Weinert, Michael
Wight, Nicholas
Wildman, Samuel
Wilson, Jacob
Winderman, Eliana
Wojciechowski, Steven
Wright, Lauren
Wukovits, Frank
Young, Stephen
Yusko, Julie
Zhou, Jiayan
Zlotnick, Scott


COVID-19—Fall 2020 Examination—Supplemental Documents

For all September 2020 examination applicants, the deadline for submitting supplemental documents has been extended to July 15th .

February 2020 Results will be posted May 8, 2020

The February 2020 bar examination results will be posted to User Home Pages May 8, 2020.  Please do not call the office, it will take several hours for all results to be posted.

Please note that if you have not provided a law school certificate or have another matter pending, your results have been held. If you have not provided all supplementary documentation, such as driver's abstracts, documents requested by your reviewing attorney, etc., you cannot be certified for admission.  Applicants must pass the exam, be certified by the Committee on Character, AND receive a pass and ready letter on your User Home Page in order to be admitted.



COVID-19 – Admission by Motion Applications -- Standard Document Deadline

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 60-day deadline for submitting standard documents required for completion of Admission by Motion New Jersey bar applications is relaxed until further notice. The Board of Bar Examiners' will not be abandoning such applications at this time. Once an application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Committee on Character for review.  The Board of Bar Examiners' is monitoring the situation daily and will announce when new deadlines for submission of standard documents will be imposed.

COVID-19 – Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) Score Transfer Applications -- Standard Document Deadline

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 60-day deadline for submitting standard documents required for completion of a Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) Score Transfer application for admission to the New Jersey bar is relaxed until further notice. The Board of Bar Examiners' will not be abandoning such applications at this time. Once an application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Committee on Character for review.  The Board of Bar Examiners' is monitoring the situation daily and will announce when new deadlines will be imposed.

COVID-19 – In-House Counsel Applications -- Standard Document Deadline

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 30-day deadline for submitting standard documents required for completion of a New Jersey limited In-House Counsel license application is relaxed until further notice. The Board of Bar Examiners' will not be abandoning such applications at this time. Once an application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Committee on Character for review.  The Board of Bar Examiners' is monitoring the situation daily and will announce when new deadlines will be imposed.

COVID-19 – Foreign In-House Counsel Applications -- Standard Document Deadline

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 30-day deadline for submitting standard documents required for completion of a New Jersey limited Foreign In-House Counsel license application is relaxed until further notice. The Board of Bar Examiners' will not be abandoning such applications at this time. Once an application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Committee on Character for review.  The Board of Bar Examiners' is monitoring the situation daily and will announce when new deadlines will be imposed.

COVID-19 – New Jersey Supreme Court Announces New Dates for July Bar Examination

COVID-19 – New Jersey Supreme Court  Announces New Dates for July Bar Exam

The Supreme Court and the Board of Bar Examiners announced today that, due to the ongoing public health emergency arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Jersey July Bar examination will be administered in Fall 2020, specifically, on September 9th (Wednesday) and September 10th (Thursday).  Accordingly, registration for the Fall 2020 bar examination is now open.  Filing deadlines for the Fall 2020 examination are as follows:


Timely: Friday, May 8th                        ($675)

First Late: Friday, May 22nd                ($950)

Final Deadline:  Friday, June 5th         ($1200)


Non-standard Testing Accommodations (NTA) applications must be postmarked no later than Friday, June 5th.


Laptop Registration will open approximately July 1st.



If you already submitted your complete July 2020 bar examination application, you do not need to take any further action.  If you already began your application for the July 2020 examination, you may continue completing your application.  Those applications will be transferred in our system as Fall 2020 applications.


The Board of Bar Examiners, in consultation with the Supreme Court, will continue to closely monitor public health and safety guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and any further impact on the administration of the bar examination. 

COVID-19 – July 2020 Bar Examination Fee Refund Request Form

Applicants who have:

  • Submitted their July 2020 bar examination application,
  • Paid the application fee and
  • Withdrawn their July 2020 bar examination application


may request a refund of their fee by submitting the July 2020 Bar Examination Fee Refund Request Form” and uploading it to their Home page.  The form can be found under the “Other Forms” tab. 

COVID-19 – New Jersey July 2020 Bar Examination Postponed Until Fall 2020

The Supreme Court and the Board of Bar Examiners announced today that, due to the ongoing public health emergency arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Jersey bar examination will not be administered on July 28 and July 29, 2020 as previously scheduled.  The bar examination has been postponed until the Fall.  For full details, see Supreme Court Order, dated April 6, 2020 by clicking here.


If you already submitted your complete July 2020 bar examination application, you do not need to take any further action.  If you already began your application for the July 2020 examination, you may continue completing your application.  We will be updating our website to notify you regarding extended deadlines.


The Board of Bar Examiners, in consultation with the Supreme Court, will continue to closely monitor public health and safety guidelines, including prohibitions against large gatherings, related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the event that limitations on large gatherings continue to interfere with a Fall administration of the New Jersey bar examination, alternative means for testing of applicants for New Jersey bar admission will be devised and announced.



COVID-19 – 2020 Law Graduates -- Bar Examination Deferment Request Form

Applicants who submitted their applications for the New Jersey July 2020 bar examination and paid the application fee, but who need to request a deferment to the next available administration of the New Jersey bar examination (e.g., February 2021) based on a personal hardship should submit the “2020 Law Graduate Bar Examination Deferment Request” form.  The form can be found under the “Other Forms” tab. 

COVID-19 -- Temporary Practice Under Supervision Subject to Certification by the Committee on Character

On a temporary basis, the Supreme Court has relaxed and expanded Rule 1:21-3 such that 2020 graduates of accredited law schools who have not previously taken the bar examination may temporarily practice law under supervision of a licensed attorney who has been licensed to practice for at least three years.  2020 graduates must submit payment of the applicable fee and all materials required for review and certification by the Board and the Committee on Character, no later than the final deadline of June 5th.  2020 graduates must be certified by the Committee on Character before they are authorized to practice under supervision under this order. 

For full details and requirements, under this Supreme Court order, dated April 6, 2020, click here.

COVID-19 – Notary Requirements

Effective immediately, and until further order of the Court, the requirement that bar applicants submit a notarized copy of the bar application and accompanying documents is relaxed.  Instead, applicants may submit an affirmation that the contents are true and correct, provided that the affidavit or certification in lieu of oath conforms to Rule 1:4-4.  Those documents may be signed electronically as previously authorized by the Court. To view the Supreme Court order, dated April 6, 2020, click here.

COVID-19 Announcement -- July 2020 Exam Application Deadlines and Fees:

The deadline for filing an application for the July 2020 bar examination is extended through April 30, and no late fees will apply to an application filed before that date.  The Board of Bar Examiners continues to monitor the situation and will provide further updates regarding the July 2020 exam.

COVID-19 Announcement — Non-Standard Testing Applications (NTA) – Certificate of Law School Official

The Board of Bar Examiners is accepting electronically-signed Non-Standard Testing Application (NTA) Certificates of Law School Official on a temporary basis and until further notice.  In this case, the law school must email the electronically signed NTA Certificate of Law School Official to the applicant, then the applicant should upload the email and certificate to the accommodations mailbox at:

COVID-19 –Status of the July 2020 Bar Exam

We are continuing to accept applications for the July exam, but a definitive decision will depend on CDC and state restrictions in place at that time. We are doing what we can to ensure there will be an opportunity to take the bar exam in 2020. We are monitoring the situation daily.

COVID-19 crisis FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers related to the COVID-19 crisis are now available and can be accessed by clicking the above FAQs tab.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update (3/20/2020)

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update (3/20/2020)

The New Jersey Board of Bar Examiner’s operations are continuing off-site as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis. 


Contacting Our Office:  Please do not visit our office at this time, since our service windows are closed.  If you need to contact your Case File Manager, we prefer that you do so by e-mail rather than by phone.  Email is the more efficient method of communication as this time.


Document Electronic Signatures: During this COVID-19 crisis and until further notice, the Board of Bar Examiners will accept all electronically signed Law School Certificates, Certificates of Good Standing and Certificates of Character.

Grading of February 2020 Examination:
  The grading of the February 2020 Uniform Bar Examination in New Jersey is progressing as usual despite the crisis. While the Board does not currently foresee any problems with issuing results for this examination within the usual time period (that is, mid-May), all candidates who sat for the February 2020 UBE should monitor their emails and/or this website for any updated information.

Will the July 2020 Bar Examination Be Administered as Scheduled?  What impact, if any, the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis will have on the July 2020 Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) in New Jersey is not certain at this time. We are in close contact with the National Conference of Bar Examiners and other jurisdictions as we all consider possible options for the July 2020 exam in the event that bar admission office closures or prohibitions against large gatherings remain in effect. Please continue to monitor this website for updated information. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Requests for Certificates of Good Standing:  If you are requesting a Certificate of Good Standing, please do not visit our office.  Instead, you can find the “Request for Certificate of Good Standing” form on our website under “Other Forms.”  Simply complete the form and mail your request, along with payment, to the address noted on the form.


Further Updates:  Please monitor the Board's website for updated information. We thank you for your patience and understanding.







The Board of Bar Examiners of the State of New Jersey is implementing the following immediate change to our business operations:


Effective March 20, 2020, the front counter of the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, will no longer be accepting Requests for Certificates of Good Standing.  


If you are attempting to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, please follow the instructions set forth on the Board of Bar Examiners’ website:  and mail your request along with your check or money order to us at the address listed on the “Request for Certificate of Good Standing” form.


If you have questions or need assistance, contact our office at:  609-815-2911.


This notice provides information about our current actions, plans, and projections, with the understanding that the situation will continue to evolve.  Further information will be provided on an ongoing basis.


New Jersey and Maryland now have reciprocity for admission by motion.

Attorneys admitted in Maryland who meet our admission by motion requirements may now apply via motion to New Jersey.  Interested applicants should read all information related to admission by motion before applying. Please make certain you meet ALL conditions as fees are non-refundable.  


Several of New Jersey’s judicial vicinages may hold local attorney admissions ceremonies. You will have the opportunity to be sworn in by a judge with your family present.

If you are interested in attending one of the ceremonies, you MUST contact the appropriate person listed below to register and to get additional information. Attendance is restricted due to space limitations.  Participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis. 


When you attend a ceremony, you must bring the notice that you passed the bar examination and your oath form with you.

Please note that if you wish to be admitted in Federal District Court, you must follow the instructions from District Court regarding taking the oath and returning the oath form to District Court. You may bring the federal oath form with you to the local ceremony. You must, however, forward the oath form to the federal district court, along with their fee.


Vicinage Date/Time of Ceremony Contact Contact Information Location
Atlantic/Cape May 12/02 at 3 p.m. Jeanne Seymour  Atlantic County Civil Courts Building: 1201 Bacharach Boulevard, Courtroom 3A, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem 12/04 at 3 p.m. Julie Bompensa  or (856)878-5050 ext. 15158 Old Courthouse: 1 North Broad Street, Ceremonial Courtroom, Woodbury, NJ 08096
Ocean 12/12 at 3:30 p.m. Kim Pizzarelli or (732)504-0700 ext. 64458 Ocean County Courthouse: 118 Washington Street, 2nd Floor, Courtroom 1, Toms River, NJ 08753

July 2019 Successful Candidates


Candidates who passed the examination must refer to their user home pages for specific information regarding their eligibility for admission.  Please note that passing the examination does NOT automatically admit you to practice law in New Jersey.  It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided.


Of the 787 applicants that sat for the exam, results were sent to 784.  Of the 784, 521 or 66.45% passed.


Abdul Qayum, Ghatul
Abode, Tracy
Acosta, Vincent
Adames, Ruddy
Adelman, Rachel
Adewakun, Tyiarah
Agosto, Fatima
Aguirre, Sharon
Ahmad, Shahroz
Ajayi, Adetola
Aleksandravicius, John
Alexander, Christine
Allen, Ryan
Andino, Stephen
Antonaccio, Jake
Apostolou, Nikolas
Arciszewski, Lucas
Ashraf-Khan, Usma
Assmann, James
Awad, Sameh
Azzam, Claudia
Bank, Emily
Bankston, Na'tise
Barrett, Erin
Barskiy, Alvin
Bayard, Emily
Bayudan, Andrew
Beckford, Andrea
Beermann, Maxwell
Beirne, Morgan
Bennett, Alexander
Berthiaume, Michael
Betancourt-Olivares, Carla
Bihlear, Eric
Biramian, Amelia
Birck, Morgan
Blakeney, Maisha
Breza, Connor
Briguglio, Sarah
Brooks, Gregory
Brooks, James
Brown, Matthew
Buarne, Francesca
Bucci, Marie
Buccieri, Brittany
Buettner, Laurin
Bukani, Adam
Burnetta, Lauren
Burzon, Daniel
Bush, Jonathan
Cacchioli, Jennifer
Cain, Mitchell
Calabrese, Michael
Callahan, Matthew
Campbell, Sean
Campolongo, Michael
Canaie, Gabrielle
Cani, Fiona
Capobianco, John
Caputi, Joseph
Caquias, Jessenia
Caroccia, Thomas
Caro-Esposito, Daniela
Caruso, Nikki
Caruthers, Candace
Carvajal, Victoria
Casola, Gianna
Castellani, David
Catrocho, Raquel
Ceisler, Daniel
Cetrulo, Brianna
Chandler, David
Chandnani, Reema
Cheney, Jeffrey
Cherry, Anthony
Chi, Phil
Christie, Kaeleigh
Chuklin, Alina
Cirasa, Joseph
Clancy, Brian
Clancy, James
Clark, Ayana
Clearie, Meghan
Clemente, Garry
Colalillo, Ben
Colburn, Mackenzie
Coleman, Shareda
Condiles, Andrew
Condon, Catherine
Cooper, Angela
Corey, Zachery
Cornog, Eric
Crincoli, Nicole
Critelli, Justin
Cro, William
Crossey, Nicole
Culhane, Hailey
Cunha, Amanda
Dalco, Dina
Davidson, Jessica
De Sousa, Sandy
Deeds, Katelyn
DeFeo, Michael
DeHart, Carlo
Delaney, Nicholas
Delany, Mary
Delia, Julia
Dellplain, Melanie
DelRiccio, Vincent
DeLuca, John
DeOliveira, Maria
Devlin, Bridget
Diakos, Andreas
Diamantis, Arrianna
Diaz, Pilar
DiBartolomeo, Caroline
Dichter, Anna
Diodati, Kaila
Dippner-Marshall, Jasmine
Dolan, Erin
Donat, Stephen
Donegan, Erin
Donovick, Joshua
Doto, Vincent
Druckman, Daniel
Duarte, Edward
Dungey, William
Dunn, Ryan
Durr, Morgan
Easaw, Melisa
Ebose, Osazenoriuwa
Egan-Dolan, Alycia
Elliott, Taryn
Elmonairy, Kier
Emery, Brooke
Ensor, Kieran
Falzone, Danielle
Faugno, Robert
Feingold, Zara
Fernandez, Steven
Ferraioli, John
Figorski, Sarah
Flath, Loren
Florez, Matthews
Flynn, Matthew
Foley, Joseph
Ford, Nilaja
Foss, Samantha
Foster, Brandon
Fox, Lauren
Franzmathes, David
Freiheiter, Samuel
Gallagher, Ryan
Gallagher, Claudia
Galli, Sabrina
Gamba, Katelyn
Gambardella, April
Garber, Emilie
Garcia, Andrew
Garfield, Jonathan
Garrett, Sean
Genus, Francis
Gerken, Adam
Ghione, Giancarlo
Giannoglou, Paul
Gifford, Robert
Gilbert, Thomas
Gironda, Thomas
Glatstian, Scott
Gluck, Alexander
Goloff, Rachel
Gonzalez, Jonathan
Gordon, Matthew
Granite, Philip
Gray-Stack, Lucy-Belle
Greco Palacios, Sabrina
Griffin, Brian
Gross, Robert
Grossman, Matthew
Grott, Adam
Grymes, Camelia
Guarneri, Nicolette
Guarracino, Jessica
Gyasi, Ebenezer
Hajjar, Joseph
Hall, Maybol
Hancock, Shelby
Hannan, Kathleen
Haque, Hasibul
Harmaty, Aaron
Harris, Emily
Hartt, Christopher
Hegazi, Mohamed
Helsel, Heather
Henderson, Bonnie
Hendricks, Elizabeth
Higueruela, Jacqueline
Hill, Lauren
Hilton, Austin
Horneck, Dean
Horner, James
Horton, Kathleen
Huq, Amaan
Hurley, Sean
Iannelli, Alexa
Ibrahim, Mena
Idleman, Leigh
Iglesias, Hannah
Ignatowitz, Jaclyn
Iodice, Taylor
James, Nigel
Janardhan, Deepta
Jasphy, David
Jensen, Mark
Jiang, Nuo
Jodidio, Rebecca
Johansen, Michael
Johnson, Joseph
Jones, Kenyette
Jonker, Cortney
Juan, Lynn
kahng, Simon
Kandianis, Laurel
Kaplan, Allison
Karna, Parthesh
Katsogiannos, Ioannis
Kaulback, Nicholas
Kelly, William
Kelly, Patrick
Kennedy, Connor
Kerr, Sara
Khan, Rija
Kim, Michael
Kim, Andrew
Kim, Joo
Kim, Joohyun
Kimmel, William
Kirzner, Yehuda
Kleiman, Lana
Klein, Gabriel
Klika, Colin
Klimowicz, Nicholas
Koenig, Amanda
Koko, Cheongheui
Kornbluth, Abraham
Koske, Andrew
Kronemeyer, Amanda
Kutzleb, Dana
LaBruno, Christina
Lacey, Shannon
Ladouce, Anthony
Lagg, Emily
LaMaire, Brenton
Landman, Andrew
Lanyon, Brian
Lapniewski, Daniel
LaSalvia, Americo
Lasota, Nicole
Latimer, John
LaTorre, Michelle
Lattimore, William
Lavery, Caitlin
Law, Joshua
Lawlor, Matthew
Lederer, Brett
Lee, Eric
LeGrand, Geoffrey
Lempka, Grace
Leonard, Mark
Leone, Dominic
LeVine, Elissa
Lewbel, Brett
Liberman, Danielle
Linardo, Kyle
Little, David
Litvak, Erica
Llewellyn, Wendy
LoBrace, Anthony
Loiacono, Rachel
Longa, Justine
Lord, Robert
Lowenberg, John
Lugo, Jonathan
Lupsa, Melanie
Lutick, Amanda
MacKay, Timothy
MacNiven, Brian
Maddison, Ashley
Madley, Kyle
Magliulo, Jesse
Mahmoud, Abo AlHamd
Maioriello, Rebecca
Manik, Rohini
Mann, Michael
Marabondo, Michael
Marler, Melissa
Marriott, Fabian
Marshall, Jessica
Marsi, Alexandria
Martello, Matthew
Mastoridis, Charlotte
Matthews, Kaili
Mattson, Ryan
Maury, Luke
Maynor, Zaniah
McAvaddy, Patrick
McDaniel, Ian
McElligott, Emma
McGinnis, Christina
McGivney, Colin
McGuire, Alyshia
McMullan, Conor
McMullen, Jason
McPeak, Jennifer
McPherson, Kenneth
McSherry, Claire
Medina, Christopher
Meggali, George
Menhaji, Roxanna
Mercogliano, John
Mersch, Stephanie
Micek, Ashley
Mikilas Meyers, Phoenix
Millar, Jaclyn
Miller, Rachael
Miller, Beckwith
Miller, Johnathan
Molz, Marisa
Montagna, Emily
Montan, Jennifer
Monzo, Kathryn
Moody, Alison
Mooney, Timothy
Morgan, John
Moussavian, Marjan
Mowery, Kristen
Mruczinski, Dylan
Mueller, Paul
Mullen, Christopher
Muratore, Maria
Mustafa, Zannatul
Nardone, Olivia
Natale, Terence
Naveira, Isabel
Newton, Dylan
Nghieu, Jimmy
Nichols, Timothy
Norman, Anna
Nowak, Aidan
Nycz, Michael
O'Dwyer, Timothy
Oestreicher, Jessica
Olsen, Jeffrey
O'Sullivan, Ryan
Padron, Eduardo
Pagnotta, Lance
Panek, Ashley
Papaiya, Kunal
Parikh, Pratik
Pascrell, William
Passerino, Jenna
Patel, Nick
Patel, Dhara
Patel, Dhruv
Patel, Natasha
Paulson, Timothy
Pedraza, Jason
Pemberton, Stephen
Pendse, Ameya
Perez, Daniel
Perone, Amanda
Pierce, Donald
Pietruszka, Victoria
Polanco-Santana, Roberto
Portorreal, Newton
Rabner, Carly
Ramancionis, Cheryl
Renfer, Sarah
Reynoso, Alexander
Richardson, Charles
Richelo, Tara
Riley, Kathleen
Roberts, Davon
Robertson, Mercedes
Rocco, Samantha
Roddy, James
Rodgers, Victoria
Roe, Madeline
Roe, Sean
Roessler, Ashley
Rogers, David
Rohan, Nicole
Rosenblatt, Jennifer
Rosenfeld, David
Ross, Christopher
Roukas, Victoria
Rowan, Kevin
Ruckert, Brendan
Ruocco, Maxwell
Russell, Jason
Ruuska, Aaron
Ruzanski, Drew
Sabo, Michael
Sachs, Kimberly
Sajjad, Kanwal
Salamea, Patrick
Salamon, Bracha
Saleh, Yasmine
Samel, Matthew
Sanchez, Bryan
Sanchez, James
Santos, Melissa
Saraiva, Stephanie
Scaringelli, Anthony
Scheidel, David
Schilling, Justin
Schnyer, Christina
Schwartz, Amanda
Sciara, Jessica
Scirica, Valentina
Scognamiglio, Patrick
Scoullos, Nicholas
Scrivo, Thomas
Seeburger, Michael
Segal, Rachael
Sengstacke, Jesse
Shanks, Colleen
Shanoski, Thomas
Shapov, Dennis
Sharma, Palak
Sharofsky, Taylor
Shepp, Sarah
Shim, Jae
Shmilovich, Julia
Siligato, Michael
Silverman, Zachary
Simone, Michael
Skelley, Ryan
Skibowski, Brittany
Smisek, Alyssa
Smit, Reinier
Snapp, Nijgia
Sockler, Peter
Solari, Michele
Soundy, Patrick
Spataro, Kayla
Spinella, Charles
Srikakulam, Pratyusha
St Ange, Darran
St Romain, Alexandra
Stark, Catelyn
Starner, Rebecca
Stevens, Amy
Straussman, Richard
Sullivan, Jeremy
Sumbaly, Jason
Sweeney, Erin
Tarella, Jason
Taylor, Zachary
Teijido, Lawrence
Teitelbaum, Meir
Terzano, Stephanie
Thompson, Alison
Thompson, Alexander
Ticchio, James
Tobescu, Julia
Toledano, Tamar
Tomkiewicz, Brandon
Torres Sanchez, Liz
Toscano, Matthew
Townsend, Michael
Tracy, Jenna-Marie
Tso, Amanda
Ulinfun, Chandra
Ullrich, Mallory
Van Ness, Marissa
Varga, Patrick
Vassallo, Collette
Ved, Payal
Vellucci, Deanna
Venier, Joseph
Ventola, Jenna
Ventoso, David
Verdone, Andrew
Villa, Andrew
Villanueva, Patricia Anne
Vinci, Brianna
Vitolo, Marissa
Vizcaino, Leslie
Voigt, Sebastien
Ward, Rachel
Watson, Samuel
Way, Alexis
Weibel, Lindsay
Wernicke, Adam
Whiting, Amelia
Whittaker, Nicholas
Whittle, Kyle
Wille, Richard
Williams, Alexus
Winkler, Jennifer
Wintermute, Ryan
Wolinsky, Hannah
Wurmbach, Felix
Ygarza, Mark
Young, Matthew
Young, Danielle
Yurekli, Gokce
Zelich, Anthony
Zreik, Jean-Pierre
Zunger, Ariel

February Bar Exam Applications are Open.

Applications for the February 2020 New Jersey Bar Examination are open.  The timely deadline is October 31st, the late deadline is November 15th, and the FINAL deadline is November 30th.  

February 2019 Successful Candidates


Candidates who passed the examination must refer to their user home pages for specific information regarding their eligibility for admission.  Please note that passing the examination does NOT automatically admit you to practice law in New Jersey.  It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided.


Of the 518 applicants that sat for the exam, results were sent to 514.  Of the 514, 248 or 48.24% passed.


Abramson, Marcus
Acharya, Vivek
Adegbesan, Adesola
Adeola, Immanuel
Aguilar, Atiya
Alfano, Stephen
amaefuna, wesley
Anderson, Travis
Andre, Madeline
Anstatt, Robert
Augustyn, William
Aunio, Jon
Awelenje, Zainab
Bachman, Shawn
Baker, Joshua
Baker, Sarah
Baldino, Gerald
Barber, Kelsey
Baron, Christian
Beardsley, Jessica
Benson, Blaine
Berkin, Ali
Berns, Kaci
Bess, Ashanti
Bethea, Portia
Bevacqua, Andrew
Bigelow, David
Bingemann, Meghan
Blaise-Kwarteng, Maxime
Boda, Robert
Bonner, Shambree
Bord, Simon
Bowers, Brandon
Boyles, Benjamin
Brady, Colin
Breese, Clifford
Brenner, Jessica
Brodie, Samuel
Bromfield, Yolanda
Buchanan, Jeffrey
Bucher, Robert
Burns, Tara
Cabrera, Stephanie
Calomeris, Claire
Camack, Charles
Campos, April
Candia, William
Cannon, Jason
Capoferri, Leo
Castillo, Roger
Castle, Jason-Paul
Castore, Michael
Cawthon, Erinn
Celiesius, Edmund
Chaudry, Zagham
Chicas, Jessica
Chilakos, Rhonda
Christiansen, Chelsey
Cloak, McKenzie
Colindres, Crystal
Coyle, Leanne
Coyne, Katherine
Cozzetto, Julianne
Cropsey, Kevin
Deane, Conor
DeCotiis, Joseph
DeGroote, Kiersty
Desai, Neal
desGroseilliers, Christina
Dodd, Stephen
Domineske, Catherine
Dreisbach, Kelli-Ann
Dunphy, Tyler
durbec, william
Eliya, Joseph
Elliott, Megan
Elm, Eboni
Elmi, Brooke
El-Neemany, Dalal
Falkenstein, Jessica
Fausey, Michael
Feigenbaum, Alex
Feldman, Kelsi
Festa, Taylor
Foxworth, Roderick
Gaffey, Kristen
Gallagher, Kevin
Gerold, Blair
Ghabrial, Leonardo
Gillman, Nathan
Gittler, Garrett
Glover, Robert
Gomez de Mello, Julieta
Gonzalez, Timothy
Gonzalez, Amanda
Gonzalez, Yasser
Gorin, Stacey
Gottling, Nikkita
Grigorescu, Stephanie
Gummoe, Kristin
Guzman Andrade, Francisco
Hagen, Wendy
Hagerty, Jack
Halwagy, Justin
Hartline, Ashton
Havatian, Christopher
Heffernan, Alannah
Hennessy, Stephen
Hensor, Paige
Ho, Andrew
Hobbie, Kasey
Holland, Evan
Horen, Bryan
Huber, Kaitlyn
Hudson-Hill, Imani
Hutchins, Brooke
Ibanez, Lauren
Jacobs, Najah
Jones, Chané
Kachka, Vladislav
Kadkoy, Shan
Kanji, Adam
Kannengieszer, Eric
Katzelnick, Corey
Kelly, Maxwell
Kennedy, William
Kernan, Magdalena
Kopeykin, Mariah
kotta, shefali
Krocker, Ryan
Kunnel, Jimmy
Lainson, Kelly
Lankey, Thomas
Legg, Robert
Lerner, Matthew
Levin, Ayala
Lindenau, Sean
Lindgren, Hannah
Lindline, Taylor
Mace, Marc
Mannix, Erica
Manukian, Narina
Maranhao, Lucas
Martin, Connor
Masi, Danielle
Mason, Felicia
Mayers, Nichole
Mayhugh, Derek
Mazur, Peter
McArdle, Jordan
McBratnie, Sean
McCarrick, James
McGuire, Michael
McGuirk, Madison
McIntyre, Ashley
Metwally, Ahmed
Mogill, Adam
Monari, John
Montalvo, Natasha
Morabito, Rosella
Moro, Alyssa
Moscato, Genna
Motatey, Jessica
Muh, Heather
Murphy, Ryan
Murray, William
Nazario, Victor
Noriega, Lisa
O'Brien, Sean
Olcese, Andrew
Oliwa, Stephen
Packer, Kevin
Pakit, Veronica
Paneque, Agustin
Pape, Jared
Parada, Rachel
Pasquarello, Philip
Patel, Megha
Paul, Samuel
Pierce, Sydney
Pierre, Reginald
Pilchman, Justin
Polanco-Linares, Leslie
Puga, Javier
Rinaldo, Todd
Robinson, James
Rodkey, David
Rodriguez, Sharina
Romano, Carlo
Romero, Jamal
Roth, April
rozalis, sarah
Ruggerio, Lara
Sanchez, Julio
Schneer, Ryan
Schrank, Emily
Schulman, Scott
Schwartz, Benjamin
Selmasska, Matthew
Serillo, Kevin
Shaen, Alexander
Sharif, Ahmed
Sibiski, Meghan
Sirdesai, Jayant
Skaug, Emily
Sleeper, Dana
Smith, Remy
Smith, Frederic
Smith, Zachary
Solimine, Mary
Sostarecz, Luke
Sotolongo, Jorge
Spear, Michael
Spitz, Jack
Stackpole, Troy
Stein, Michael
Stepp, Brittany
Stickley, Andrea
Strouse, Braden
Tariq, Saher
Taylor, Kellie
Townsend, Sarah
Trueheart, Raven-Symone
Valente, Kyle
Vallejo, Andrew
Vargas, Ivette
Vernon, Sarah
Verrichia, Casey
Vidal, Justin
Walker, Ashley
Wallis, Melanie
Webb, Sarah
Weisenbacher, Christian
Wexler, Rachel
Wicks, Tyler
Williams, Sabrina
Wolbransky, Stephanie
Wong, Patrick
Wood, Kimberly
Yale, Suzanne
Yarnall, Daniel
Yost, Matthew
Zazzali, George

As of May 1, 2019, credit cards transactions cannot be processed from 11:30 p.m.-12:00 a.m. EST.

As of May 1, 2019, credit cards transactions cannot be processed from 11:30 p.m.-12:00 a.m. EST.  Credit card payments must be received prior to 11:30 p.m. EST to ensure they are posted on the same day.  

July 2018 Successful Candidates


Candidates who passed the examination must refer to their user home pages for specific information regarding their eligibility for admission.  Please note that passing the examination does NOT automatically admit you to practice law in New Jersey.  It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided.


Of the 893 applicants that sat for the exam, results were sent to 889.  Of the 889, 523 or 58.83% passed.


Abraham, Joshua
Acarkan, Guvenc
Adebiyi, Dalvin
Allocca, Nicole
Altunkara, Adrian
Alvarez-Jones, Stephanie
Arias-Linares, Angelika
Aryama, Vijayasri
Ashnault, Brian
Attia, Salma
Augsburger, Rachel
Baboulis-Gyscek, Darcy
Baia, Elizabeth
Bailey, William
Baldwin, Wade
Baliatico, Marc
Barone, Drew
Barr, Dean
Barros, Jason
Bascelli, Christopher
Baselice, Michael
Basso, Brielle
Beach, Stephanie
Beams, Andrew
Becker, Craig
Beeck, Ryan
Benavides, Cory
Benedon, Evan
Bessemer, Mary
Bilby, John
Bitetto, John
Blake, Samantha
Boyle, Jason
Branton, Michael
Braun, Mordechai
Brennan, William
Brito, Christina
Broad, Allison
Brown, Ariel
Buckley, Terra
Buffer, Tracy
Buirkle, Wesley
Bukis, Elizabeth
Bunick, Joseph
Burke, William
Butler, Kristie
Byrnes, Christopher
Cacciuttolo, Paul
Cain, Benjamin
Calcagno, Jeffrey
Campanile, David
Campbell, William
Canales, Luis
Cantarella, Jenna
Capone, Matthew
Caracappa, Michael
Caraway, Jennifer
Carlson, Nicholas
Chaves, Joseph
Checchio, Christina
Chen, Albert
Chernoff, Melanie
Choi, Yongjin
Chwang, Pierre
Clark, Amanda
Cleary, Timothy
Clemente, Jenna
Coates, Gregory
Cocuzza, Anthony
Cohen, Brandon
Coletta, Kristen
Comunale, Jaclyn
Conde-Hernandez, Marisol
Conlon, Patrick
Corma, Edward
Corsentino, Jacquelyn
Cort, Michael
Craft, Danielle
Cregge, Abigail
Crudele, James
Csakany, Eugene
Curewitz, Lindsey
Czvekus, Arthur
D'Agostino, Michael
Dahl, Gregory
D'Alessandro, Christopher
D'Alessio, Benjamin
D'Alia, Salvatore
Darling, WIlliam
Davis, Anita
Davis, Audrey
de Blank, Christopher
De Sapio, Alesandria
Delgado, Karina
DeLizza, Gianna
Dellraria, Margaret
DeLucia, Janine
Dennison, Donald
Derenze, Catherine
Derleth, Taylor
Desai, Saval
Dhaliwal, Amanpreet
Diaz, Franklyn
DiBenedetto, Taylor
DiFranco, Tina
Diggs, TaLaya
Dill, Theresa
Dobisch, Christine
Doherty, Jared
Donaghue, Scott
Dornfeld, Mitchell
Doss, Monica
Doss, Anthony
Dougherty, Tyler
Dowdy, Daniel
Doyle, Margaret
Drennan, Melissa
Duffy, Julia
Dwyer, Hannah
Ellis, Jessica
English-Mezzino, Robyn
Epstein, Daniel
Espin, Nicole
Esposito, Gabriella
Falci, Nicholas
Falcon, Angel
Fannon, Sean
Farrell, Ryan
Farrington, Courtnie
Feehan, Gillian
Fendelman, Roger
Ferenz, Victoria
Ferraro, Jenna
Finneran, Brian
Fisher, Kyle
Fishman, Justin
Fleisher, Jonathan
Fostek, Michael
Fox, Gabriel
Friedman, Rachel
Gacos, Alexander
Gakami, Joanita
Gandhi, Shivang
Garfield, Christina
Garofalo, Genna
Garrastegui, Adam
Gatti, Lucas
Geist, Maryssa
Glinn, Jaimee
Goldberg, Robert
Goldsmith, Rayza
Golz, Francis
Gorecke, Zachary
Gorman, William
Goss, Matthew
Grekstas, Jonathan
Gross, Danielle
Guerriero, Chantal
Guggenheim, Joseph
Gunst, Anthony
Gutierrez, Alejandra
Gutkin, Izik
Hagan, Edward
Hahn, Julia
Hall, Kerrington
Hall, Parker
Hamilton, Samantha
Harttraft, Tyler
Helman, Douglas
Hendrickson, Qualia
Herman, Ronald
Hess, Ever
Hessein, Amanda
Hinger, Daniel
Hodge, Erin
Hodgson, Erin
Holland, Caitlin
Hollander, David
Hong, Rachel
Hooker, Nicholas
Howie, Samuel
Huffman, Nicole
Humphreys, Scott
Ilic, Matko
Iovine, Luke
Irani, Omid
Isaacson, Adrianne
Jablonsky, Stephanie
Jackson, Jordynn
Jackson, Christopher
Jacobs, Isabelle
Jaloudi, Rami
Jefferson, Austin
Johnson, Gregory
Johnston, Rachel
Jones, Lauren
Joseph, Monica
Joseph, Nastasia
Kanani, Meghavi
Karabulut, Aram
Katz, Jeremy
Kazan, Julian
Keane, Joseph
Keating, Alison
Keavney, Ashley
Kelly, Patrick
Kennedy, Charles
Kerr, Natalia
Kerstetter, Evan
Kesselman, Aaron
Kilmartin, Dominique
Kim, Sarah
Kim, Lena
Kiriakatos, Nicholas
Kistner, Brian
Kline, Daniel
Koch, Aislinn
Koribanick, Michael
Kostelak, Joshua
Kouyialis, Patrick
Kovach-Orr, Samuel
Kromka, Michael
Kromka, Nicholas
Krupnick, Harrison
Kuder, Andrew
Kuhn, Abigail
Laddey, Ryan
Lamartina, Mark
Lambert, Jessica
Lamparello, David
Landolfi, Jennifer
Lang, Matthew
Larsen, Jacqueline
Lastre, Noel
Law, John
Lazzaro, Lisa
Lee, Karen
Lee, Yio
Lee, Jonathan
Lefebvre, Daniel
Legister, Jovan
Leider, Nicholas
Lencses McLester, Laura
Levi, Eric
Levitt, Carl
Levy, David
Lewis, Erin
Ling, Kenneth
Linscott, Mark
Logan, Michael
Lorenzo, Claudia
Lowden, Deanne
Lubart, Victoria
Lubben, Jacob
Luczyszyn, Regina
Lugara, Christoph
Lyte, Amelia
Machado, Natasha
Machat, Timothy
Macias Intriago, Eric
MacPhee, Jessica
Maitlen, Brandon
Malloy, Ryan
Manahan, Kacy
Manchester, Michael
Mancuso, Anthony
Markarian, Zachary
Maroules, James
Marsella, Mark
Martinez, Tony
McAteer, Brian
McCann, Nicole
McCart, Jarred
McClelland, Nicholas
McElwee, Jeffrey
McGann, James
McHugh, Margaret
McKillop, Lindsay
McLaughlin, Francis
McLaughlin, Katie
McLavish, Alexander
McLeod, Christa
Medina, Perla
Meehan, Amanda
Mehta, Charu
Melton, Matthew
Mescall, Maximilian
Meyer, Danielle
Michals, Tyler
Michko, Kaitlyn
Middough, Jack
Mignogna, Justin
Mills, Meghan
Mirasola, Christopher
Mischel, Zachary
Mishriky, Yostina
Mitchell, Terrence
Momen, Fara
Mondelli, Michael
Monteleone, Samantha
Moore, Emma
Morales, Carmen
Morales, Melanie
Moran, Michael
Moscillo, Amanda
Moseson, Rachel
Moynihan, Kathryn
Murray, Venecia
Murtha, William
Nadler, Samuel
Natale, Joseph
Navia, Brencis
Nehme, Mark
Nelson, Jessica
Nelson, Steven
Newsome, Brian
Newton, Elizabeth
Nicelli, Natalie
Niedziela, Mark
Nielsen, Claire
Niemel, Emily
Niesz, Jeffrey
Nikolinos, Alexandria
Nilsson, Victoria
Nocera, Calogero
O'Brien, Kathleen
O'Brien, Seamus
O'Connor, Briana
O'Donnell, Patrick
O'Neill, James
Orr, Nathan
Ortiz, Michael
Ostlund, Grant
Ostrow, Zachary
Ott, Alexander
Ovadia, Esther
Padilla, Eric
Paille, Helen
Panizzi, Danielle
Park, Yohan
Parlavecchio, Erica
Parrish, Patrick
Parsinitz, Andrew
Pascarella, Malory
Patania, Thomas
Patel, Akshar
Patel, Payal
Patel, Smeet
Patel, Sunita
Patel, Dipit
Patronella, Mark
Paulus, Kenneth
Payano, Natasha
Pearce, Randy
Pearl, Amy
Perricone, Maximilian
Peterson, Kelly
Peterson, Shaun
Peterson, Julie
Peterson, Keith
Petillo, John
Petrie, Katherine
Pierce, John
Pierre, Danielle
Pierson, Tyler
Pistritto, Joseph
Pizarro, Jorge
Plinio, Nicholas
Poker, Cory
Polhamus, Steven
Pollock, Christina
Pradaxay, Nicholas
Provenzano, Anthony
Pugh, Brandon
Pulkstenis, Kristen
Pushparajah, Anita
Quinones, David
Quirolgico, Gina
Raap, Alexander
Ragone, Jeffrey
Raimo, Caitlinn
Rankin, Natalie
Rapiejko, Michael
Rapp, Rebecca
Reed, Kyle
Reid, Eric
Rejouis, Gabrielle
Reyes, Joely
Rhein, Andrew
Rice, Meghan
Riddle, Annette
Ridings, Whitney
Ridings, Claire
Riley, Marina
Roberts, Michael
Roh, Peter
Roman, Daniel
Rosen, David
Roth, Evan
Rowan, Jenna
Roy, Nathan
Ruane, Megan
Rubin, Alex
Ruditys, Brian
Ruiz, Lady
Sacchetta, Tyler
Saldutti, William
Salerno, Alexis
Sampat, Dhruman
Santos, Fabiola
Sapia, Sara
Sarin, Edward
Sarubbi, Peter
Sauer, Jeffery
Savio, James
Saxena, Shefali
Saxton, Brittany
Scales, Michael
Schaefer, Rebecca
Scher, Corey
Schulman, Melanie
Scialabba, Joseph
Scimeca, Samuel
Sczepanski, John
Selesnick, Genna
Seningen, Heather
Shaheen, Krista
Shajan, Chinsu
Shakir, Saira
Shamblin, Kelsey
Sharma, Arjun
Shearer, Mackenzie
Sheridan, Tyler
Shih, Rae
Shulman, Jacob
Sicheri, Matthew
Silver, Ryan
Singhai, Amit
Skamarakas, James
Skapyak, Michael
Skiba, Susan
Skinner, Matthew
Smalley, Susan
Smith, Kyle
Smith, Rachel
Smith, Hillary
Smith, Marie
Sobotka, Lauren
Soliman, Catherine
Spinello, Michael
Sproviero, Jolene
Stabile, Paul
Stagnitto, Logan
Steeb, Malinda
Stefanoni, Dana
Stein, Garrett
Stephan, Paul
Stevenson, Eric
Stockton-Rossini, Domenico
Streater, Reginald
Suiters, Bradley
Sulaimon, Rasheedat
Sundstrom, Ryan
Suris, Kristopher
Sweeney, Molly
Sylk, Galen
Szafranski, Peter
szajna, aleksandra
Szymanski, Cornelia
Taffet, Justin
Taillefer, Christopher
Tanielian, Talia
Tarife, Pauline
Tassy, Fadja
Taustine, Melissa
Tewiah, Jewel
Thiruchelvam, Edwin
Thomas, Charles
Thompson, Tashyana
Tierney, Kathleen
Tisdale, Ruth
Tobia, Kevin
Tolentino, Jonathan
Topp, Erik
Torres, Sara
Torres, Stephanie
Toyter, Tim
Trembitsky, Max
Tricoli, Michael
Trinity, Joseph
Tuosto, Michael
Turchick, Robert
Twill, George
Tyson, Yvette
Ucles, Sofia
Unger, Franklin
Valdez, Cody
Van Dyke, Greyson
Varma, Preeya
Varsalona, Samantha
Vasers, Dana
Vasudevan, Neethi
Vega Montenegro, Karen
Veloso, Marina
Vera, Cynthia
Verzella, Denise
Wallace, Michael
Weinberg, Hannah
Weiss, Eliyahu
Wengerter, Brendan
Wildasin, Anthony
Wishnia, Robert
Wynn, Gerald
Yang, Michelle
Youssef, Mary
Zelante, Thomas
Zengel, Thomas
Zeoli, Mary

February 2019 Examination Applications will open on October 1, 2018

Applications for the February 2019 examination will open October 1, 2018.  

February 2018 Successful Candidates


Candidates who passed the examination must refer to their user home pages for specific information regarding their eligibility for admission.  Please note that passing the examination does NOT automatically admit you to practice law in New Jersey.  It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided.


Of the 553 applicants that sat for the exam, results were sent to 548.  Of the 548, 251 or 45.80% passed.


Abrams, Daniel
Ames, Justin
Antoun, Kerollos
Arthur, Andrew
Aziz, Marie-Christine
Barlow, Luke
Barris, Andrew
Beerer, Kelsey
Behbood, Daryoush
Berenbaum, Lauren
Berger, Zachary
Beyman, Debbie
Bhavsar, Digisha
Blane, Joshua
Blasi, Sabrina
Boglioli, William
Bookwalter, Kylie
Borden, Tess
Bordoni-Cowley, Samuel
Boyle, Kevin
Brady, Kenneth
Braswell, Christine
Braunstein, Amy
brooks, jeremy
Brophy, Anne
Brown, Jacob
Burns, Tara
Campbell, Neil
Capaldi, Amanda
Capek, Justin
Caplan, Emily
Challappa, Ramya
chen, si
Chevalier, Mitsu
Ciolko, Nicholas
Coffey, Dawna
Cohen, Steven
Cole, Jeremy
Curotto, Amelia
Daniels, Shannon
DeGennaro, Janell
Deluca, Shauna
Dews, Justin
Di Mattia, Tyler
Diekhaus, Tyler
Dolce, Elizabeth
Donnelly, Christopher
Doppelt, Jordan
Doyle, Carley
Dubinsky, Zhanna
Eckert, Joshua
Errico, John
Espaillat, Liceny
Esrig, Stephanie
Evans, Robert
Fackenthall, Kelly
Falcone, Nicholas
Faraji, Farbod
Farina, Lindsey
Farrell, George
Fay, Ashley
Feinstein, Dana
Feldt, Stephanie
Feliz - Santos, Yafresie
Finkelstein, Sydney
Fitzgerald, Jamie
Fitzpatrick, Amy
Ford, Barton
Francis, Amy
Frank, Thomas
Frankel, Susan
Freking, Haley
Friedman, Emily
Friend, Tiffany
Garson, Samuel
Gattoni, Michael
Gawronski, Joseph
Gayed, Michael
Gelnett, Brian
Georgi, Joseph
Getz, Ryan
Giampa, Giovanna
Goncalves Pincaro, Ana
Gonzalez, Marisol
Graff, Carla
Graga, Travis
Granda-Farias, Brandon
Grierson, Brittany
Griffin, James
Grywalski, Christine
Gyimesi, Erica
Haas, Morgan
Hallett, Chantee
Hardy, Chantale
Hargrave, Roger
Harris, Jesse
Heber, Sheldon
Hogan, Veronica
Holt, Jeanz
Hough, Jeremy
Howell, Nascine
Huber, Amy
Hutchinson, Laura
Kanwar, Kiran
Kaplan, Blake
Kass, Matt
Kawira, Timothy
Kelerchian, Gabrielle
Kembel, Brian
Kenyon, Courtney
Ketterer, Scott
King, Karen
Kiss, Gregory
Kmiecik, Michael
Knight, Courtney
komari, christopher
Kozusko, Bryan
Krier, Kelsey
Krone, Michelle
Kuhn, Jacqueline
Kumar, Hena
LaCon, Erika
Lamb, John
LaMothe, Dana
Levitsky, Adam
Lewis, Brooke
Lezama, Erika
Liles, Latiqua
Lim, Sung
Lind, Amanda
Liriano, Alyra
Lomia, Jessica
Long, Raymond
Lufrano, Robert
Marmo, Joseph
Martinelli, Christen
Mayer, Marc
McClanahan, Beonica
McCracken, Jennifer
McGuire, Kaitlin
McInerney, Andrew
McManigal, Robert
Messinger, Marissa
Micciolo, Meghan
Michael, Michelle
Michael, Peter
Moceri, Frank
Moorman, Rafiq
Morris, Steven
Morrow, Carlos
Mulgrew, Ryan
Nadeau, Emily
Nairooz, Virginia
Nardi, Thomas
Nechemia, Ashley
Newman, Brian
O'Brien, Colin
Ogden, Kerrie
Omer, Logaina
Otero, Josean
Pacheco, Arnaldo
Pantina, Robert
Parchment, Vaughn
Pascarella, Peter
Pashman, Howard
Paznokas, Michelle
Pencinger, Jedediah
Phillips, Jackson
Pinnock, Kisha
Pluckhorn, Rebecca
Pomager, Andrew
Pontecorvo, Victoria
Prettyman, Carlissa
Pugh, Kenneth
Pungitore, Michael
Ramoska, Edward
Ranalli, Robert
Reese, Christopher
Reilly, Jessica
Rice, Elizabeth
Richardson, Palmer
Rinaldi, John
Roberts, Lanique
Rodrigues, Samuel
Rodriguez, Evelyn
Roe, Meghan
Rojas, Maria
Romano, Joseph
Romero-Ochoa, Georgiana
Rowe, Chelsey
Rubenstein, Aaron
Ruggieri, Taylor
Rullo, David
Rymal, Katherine
Sallata, Peter
Salvemini, Maria
Salviano, Michael
Sandora, Meghan
Sarti, Andrew
Saruya, Jason
Scatton, Barry
Sedlack, Sarah
Shirasb, Atusa
Silverman, Brandon
Simonson, Brenna
Simonson, Edward
Sinclair, Thomas
Singh, Parampreet
Sircar, Shuvo
Smith, Mara
Smith, Michael
Solano, Anthony
Stafford, Andrew
Stampone, Tyler
Sterlin, Mikhail
Stiles, Lindsay
Stuckel, Jonathan
Sued Agresti, Janice
Sullivan, Ashley
Sulpizio, Nicholas
Sutjiawan, Djohan
Sutjiawan, Gabrielle
Tamimi, Sofia
Taylor, Elizabeth
Testa, Heather
Thomas, Alaina
Thompson, Ruth
Tillou, Elizabeth
Toor, Amna
Trainor, Patrick
Tripathy, Anannya
Utkewicz, Kaitlyn
Wagenhoffer, Jamie
Wajert, Emily
Whalen, Jeremy
Whaley, Jessica
Williams, Jasmine
Williams, Miakel
Willis, Jennifer
Wilson, Beau
Woods, John
Woolsey, Alexandra
Wright, Cheneise
Young, Joshua
Young, Robert
Zawrotny, Zachary
Zingaro, Christopher
Zohny, Mohamed

Fingerprint Fee

Effective January 1, 2018 the fingerprint fee will decrease to $52.66.  Please see below for additional information.

For applicants printed at livescan sites:

Applicants will be charged based on the date they schedule their fingerprinting appointment. Any appointments made via the Call Center or website prior to the evening of 1/1/18 will be processed at the old tax rate. Any appointment made via the Call Center or website after the evening of 1/1/18 will be processed at the new tax rate.

For CardScan (Ink and Roll) processing:

Applicants submitting cardscan packets whose accompanying check is dated 12/31/2017 or before; the old tax rate will apply.  For checks dated 1/1/2018 or later, the new tax rate should be included.  

February 2013 Successful Candidates


Candidates who passed the examination must refer to their user home pages for specific information regarding their eligibility for admission.  Please note that passing the examination does NOT automatically admit you to practice law in New Jersey.  It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided.


Of the 1085 applicants that sat for the exam, results were sent to 1077.  Of the 1077, 642 or 59.61% passed.


Abbas, Sayeda
Abed, Nizar
Abelson, Daniel
Abramson, Philip
Ackerman, Micah
Adams, Sean
Agouras, Nikoletta
Ahmad, Sooha
Ahmad, Brian
Aiazian, Taleen
Ajmera, Prachi
Alexander, Timothy
Alguram, Jason
Ali, Nadia
Ali, Fatima
Almond, Marcus
Altabet, Edward
Alvarenga, Raquel
Ammar, Amira
Anastasio, Shala
Anderson, Brent
Anderson, Emily
Andrews, Sabrina
Andrykovitz, Thomas
Anevski, Pamela
Anslow, Michael
Antonov, Yevgeny
Anwar, Ovais
Arcure, Francesca
Arnett, Jacqueline
Arnold, April
Arora, Rahul
Auer, Allison
Awad, Sarah
Aziz, Peter
Baker, Javonna
Baker, Samantha
Baker, Matthew
Balestra, Sara
Balkin, Helana
Ballabani, Albana
Baranchuk, Victoriya
Barbato, Benedict
Barreto, Melissa
Bashjawish, Khalid
Batten, Bryna
Bauchner, Joshua
Beasley, Adam
Bechtel, Lyndsey
Beepat, Rookmin
Behrend, Beth
Berenguer, Lazaro
Besser, Alison
Bethuy, Sun
Bigley, Sean
Bisanz, Matthew
Bishai, Susan
Bishop, Melissa
Biundo, Vito
Blackston, Veronica
Blakely, Elizabeth
Blane, Lindsay
Blank, Jason
Blount-Hill, Kwan-Lamar
Bodwell, Allison
Boies, Jerry
Boldt, Paige
Bolduc, Nathan
Bone, John
Bonneville, Michael
Bordman, Ethan
Boschert, Jennifer
Boyle, Bridget
Bradford, Lawrence
Braxton, Eileene
Bressler, Joseph
Brook, Brian
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Eric
Browning, Deon
Bullwinkel, Jonathen
Burden, Colleen
Burshteyn, Simona
Bury, Maciek
Byrne, Robert
Cabrera Cammarota, Jennifer
Cajuste, Esther
Cantave, Stephanie
Caputo, Alison
Carbone, Michael
Carbone, Ross
Carr, Timothy
Carroll, Dominique
Carter, Steven
Castagliuolo, Maria
castagna, robert
Casteleiro, Julia
Caster, Reid
Castillo-Garza, Avia
Cave, Maia
Celler, Farrah
Centonze, C.
Cepler, Craig
Chakravarti, Arunava
Chang, Alisha
Choi, Junghyun
Chou, Isabel
Chung, Hannah
Cinner, Aaron
Cirincione, Russell
Clark, Kevin
Clark, Kathleen
Cohen, Fanya
Cohenson, Melissa
Collins, Lauren
Conklin, Kathryn
Coppola, Bernadette
Corcoran, Gregory
Cosloy, Jaime
Cotton, James
Cozzarelli, Frank
Craig, Lauren
Cremins, Terence
Crocker, Chelsey
Cross-Peart, Cyntrena
Cullinane, Brendan
Cummins, Robert
Cuneo, Kevin
Dagounis, Marika
Daher, Michael
Dalton, Andrew
Damouni, Nova
Dave, Divij
Dave, Gaurav
Davidow, Robert
Davidson, Justin
Davies, Elizabeth
Davis, Cira
De, Sanjay
DeBarberie, Joseph
Deen, Shiraz
Deeney, Kristan
DeMarco, James
DeSenze, Kristina
Desrochers, Gina
Devlin, Liam
Diaz, Derrick
DiCosmo, Jana
DiFelice, Kendahl
Din, Sana
DiSilvestro-Kulp, Daria
Divinsky, Marina
Dolin, Katharine
Doman, Cameron
Domsky, Douglas
Dones, Vonnie
Donnelly, Michael
Donoso, Stacey
Dooley, Thomas
Dowgier, Piotr
Downey, Philip
Drake, Steven
Du, Tri
Dudnath, Tanuja
Duffy, Danielle
Duong, Huan
Dupart, Blaise
Duque, Stephanie
Dusseau, Sean
Eisenberg, Jesse
Ekiz, Bahadir
Elias, Sarah
Elisha, Natalie
Emerle, Gary
Ennis, Sarah
Etwaroo, Reiah
Evans, Monette
Fabregat-LeBlanc, April
Feldman, Alex
Fellows, Blaire
Ferrara, Michael
Fikaris, Elena
Finley, Brendan
Finnie, Nicole
Fiorentino, Nicodemo
Fisher, Nicole
Fitzgeorge, Jennifer
Fogle, Kevin
Foran, Ryan
Forray, Pablo
Foster, Megan
Fox, Lawrence
Franzolin, Anthony
Frascarelli, Michael
Freitas, Raquel
Friedman, Tova
Frizell, Catherine
Fuller, John
Funk, Rachael
Fuschetti, Jennifer
gabriels, Sarah
Gaertner, Terah
Ganci, Nicole
Garcia, Gabriel
Gause, Paul
Geevarughese, Elizabeth
Gender, Morgan
Gennarini, Stefano
Gerard, Victoria
Germann, Tiffany
Ghubej, Rakan
Gibbs, Stephanie
Gifford, Benjamin
Goceljak, Amanda
Goldberg, Brian
Goldberg, Garth
Goldstein, Andrew
Gong, Nancy
Goodley, James
Goodlof, Victoria
Gora, Monique
Gordon, HaDisha
Gosine, Andrea
Gothelf, Aaron
Govan, Ariel
Grapel, Ilan
Grasso, Rudy
Gray, Camille
Greenbaum, T.
Greenberg, Jared
Gregory, Richard
Grinberg, Eugene
Gross, Marc
Gubbins, Megan
Guerriera, Nat
Gushiken, Rosemary
Gutkin, Sonia
Haas, Timothy
Habas, Patricia
Hailey, Xavier
Hajjar, Joseph
Halpern, David
Halpin, Brian
Halt, James
Hamm, Joshua
Hammeran, Keith
Hammond, Rachel
Hampton, Whitney
Hannon, Christian
Hansford-Colon, Tanisha
Haroutunian, Gregory
Harrison, Rachel
Harry, La Tanya
Hartzell, Kevin
Hassen, Abraham
Hawks, Tiffany
Hazen, Christopher
Hermanovich, Mark
Herzberg, Adi
Hesselink-Hicks, Katherine
Higgins, Brian
Holovat, John
Holowach, Jennifer
Hon, Kristina
Howard, Brett
Howland-Smith, Jennifer
Huang, Wei-ren
Huang, Lian
Hudson, Nyiesha
Huestis, Erik
Hughes, Michael
Humes, Cheryl
Hussain, Effat
Iaconelli, Mark
Ikeme, Obiajulu
Ionin, Jaclyn
Irving, Krystina
Isola, David
Isom, Jason
Jaff, Rivkah
James, Elesia
Jenquine, Heather
Jimenez, Sandra
Johnson, Sterling
Johnson, Caitlin
Jones, Trini
Jones, Lynn
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Cristopher
Joshi, Shloka
Juterbock, Elisabeth
Kadochnikov, Alex
Kakwani, Sunny
Kaminski, Alexandria
Kapitonova, Natalia
Karamboulis, Fotini
Katsanos, Nickolaos
Kaufman, Marshall
Kaufman, Jesse
Kaupp, W.
Kay, Mitchel
Kealy, Edward
Kelly, Kevin
Kerchner, Eric
Khan, Nazia
Khatami, Christopher
Khomenko, Stan
Kilcullen, Patrick
Kim, Jean
Kim, Sung Pil
Kim, Martha
Kim, Irene
Kim, Yoonki
Ko, James
Kogan, Fay
Kolle, Eric
Kornbluh, Joseph
Koropey, Alexandra
Krachun, Jeffrey
Kramvis, Evangelos
Kronnagel, Corryn
Kruglinski, Jennifer
Kudo, Yoo-Kyeong
Kuenyehia, Nancy
Kuhls, Timothy
Kwak, Jiwon
Landis, Lisa
LaRocco, Chris
Lauria, Mark
Lawn, Jason
Lazaroff, Mark
Leach, Kathrine
Leaver, Joshua
LeDonne, Jessica
Lee, Sung Jin
Lee, Do
Lee, George
Lee, Yosef
Lee, In
Leeds, Christopher
Lehman, David
Leicht, Courtney
Leonard, Sean
Lesorgen, Mark
Levensten, Scott
Libow, Beth
Liddell, Theodore
Lipin, Joan
Lipkin, Jason
Lipsky, Alison
Liu, Vincent
Locke, Roy
Lucido, Victoria
Luczak, Patricia
Lundy, Matthew
Lushe, Zohar
Lutley, Allyson
Luzhatsky, Irina
Macaulay, Matthew
Maccarone, Joseph
Macelus, Edwyn
Madden, David
Madden, Samuel
Mahmoud, Karim
Malhotra, Sonya
Manasseh, Shari
Mandell, Devora
Manesis, Helina
Mani, Shareen
Martinez, Awinna
Martinez, Irene
Martinez, Vannesa
Martosella, Joseph
Marzocco, Dennison
Masick, Erik
Mauro, Paul
Mayer, Gioiella
McBride, R
McCaffrey, Rachel
McCarey, Jennifer
McCarty, Janelle
McCoy, Matthew
McCoy, David
McDonough, Arthur
Mcgregor, Charlene
Mecka, Thomas
Mehta, Halak
Mekkawy, Mohamed
Mendenhall, Samantha
Mentor, Junior
Menzano, Kelley
Mergel, Amanda
Merlin, William
Mernick, Ephraim
Miele, Amy
Miklosey, Steven
Milianta, Casey
Miller, Ross
Miller, Corey
Miranda, Victoria
Mo, Lucy
Mokry, John
Monteiro, Ashley
Moon, Mark
Moor, Zachary
Mor, Ariel
Morozova, Natalia
Moshiyakhova, Kseniya
Motiee, Hadi
Muhaw, Amanda
Muhs, Caleb
Mulligan, Abigail
Mulryan, Kevin
Munsell, Tiffany
Myers, Heather
Najib, Adam
Ndege, Brigid
Neville, Mikael
Newhall, Ashley
Nolan, Siobhan
Obeid, Omar
O'Brien, Hunter
O'Connor, Brenna
O'Driscoll, Eavan
Oeltjen, Katherine
Okafor, Jennifer
Okpaku, Melanie
Olinski, Gwendolyn
Olsen, Brian
Olszewski, Tracey
O'Neil, Kenneth
O'Neill, Michael
O'Reilly, Whitney
Osmanoff, Eleanor
Ospina, Tannia
Osterbye, Raymond
Page, Lisa
Panchal, Nayan
Pannitti, Kendra
Parisi, Christopher
Parizzi, Peter
Park, Jinseong
Parmigiani, Cara
Patel, Lincoln
Patel, Sona
Patel, Sujit
Patel, Amar
Patel, Payal
patel, chirag
Patel, Prakash
Patel, Veer
Peric, Ivana
Phelan, Emily
Pinales, Jennifer
Placid, Debbie
Plate, Jeffrey
Pollack, Alan
Pollack, James
Pomper, Stefanie
Prado, Angel
Prapas, Lori
Price, Joline
Prince, Trevor
Puleo, Grace
Pullen, Timothy
Qualey, Patricia
Ragusa, Sarah
Ramakrishnan, Swarna
Ramirez, Richard
Rana, Ritu
Rasa, Davina
Raykher, Mikhail
Reap, Martin
Rebisz, Severyn
Reis, Ana
Rentas Mule, Michael
Reynolds, Lori
Richardson, Ashley
Ridenour, Glen
Riger, Daniel
Rivera, Raquel
Rivera, Quetzy
Rivers, Noel
Robinson, Julie
Robinson, Jana
Robinson, Wolfgang
Rodriguez, Jorge
Rodriguez, Laura
Rodriguez, Thais
Rogers, Julia
Rosen, Brandon
Rosen, Jared
Rosen, Daniel
Rosenberg, David
Rosengarten, Clark
Rose-Steinberg, Jeffrey
Roth, Amanda
Rotman, David
Rowan, Anne
Rowe, Kelly
Royster, Shiohban
Rozin-Golinder, Elizabeth
Rozovsky, Jason
Rubenstein, Michael
Rubin-Vega, Daphne
Ruch, Shelby
Rudolph, Jacqueline
Saad, Jason
Sachs, Andrew
Sadd, Tricia
Safier, Paul
Salaman, Robert
Salameh, Joseph
Salierno, John
Samandarov, Steve
Samuels, Melissa-Kay
Sandberg, Kimberly
Sanders, Adam
Sands, Brian
Sapeika, Nadav
Sarna, Ilana
Savino, Michael
Sayad, Joseph
Scarpati, Michael
Scavone, Erica
Scott, Zachery
Searles, Stephanie
Sebasco, Philip
Settle, Alex
Shah, Jesal
Shah, Dimple
Shahabuddin, Tazneen
Shamsi, Abdullah
Shapiro, Robert
Shevenell, Keith
Shiloh, Irena
Shneyderov, Michelle
Sholomon, Kimberly
Siegel, David
Siegel, Jennifer
Siegfried, Kirsten
Sierant, Jesse
Silverman, Allison
Simensky, Jason
Singh, Jaitegh
Skrzycki, Lisa
Slachetka, Meg
Small, Andrew
Smikun, Alan
Smith, Ashley
Smith, Cyril
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Alison
Snyder, Patrick
Sohail, Honeah
Song, Alexander
Speciale, Vitina
Spiegel, Jeffrey
Stanger, Benjamin
Stanley, James
Starkman, Jessica
Stegonshek, Ashley
Stephens, William
Stern, Jason
Stoddard, William
Stoner, Lauren
Stoudt, Timothy
Straher, Michael
Suarez, Armando
Suchman, Kathryn
Summers, Janet
Tamir, Hagar
Tang, Tiffany
Tannenholtz, Stephanie
Tatco, Crystal
Tawil, David
Tente, Meghan
Terner, Benjamin
Thomas, Roshin
Thomas, Sylvia
Thomas, Kenneth
Thompson, Nancy
Tomasso, Anthony
Toomey, Kevin
Tran, Linh
Tsai, Jennie
Tsai, Tricia
Tsirkin, Vladimir
Tyler, Tristan
Tyler, Jeremy
Tzapp, Rachel
Updyke, Levi
Vaillancourt, Kaitlin
Vander Meer, Karen
Vander Woude, Sarah
Verzi, Michelle
Vidas, Brian
Vrachnas, Elizabeth
Wadhwani, Arden
Walipour, Faranak
Walker, Jessica
Wall, Vincent
Wall-Monte, Amy
Wanczyk, Armin
Wang, Shun
Ward, Bridget
Ward, Steven
Warner, Andrew
Weaver, Paul
Weber, Travis
Weinberg, David
Weiss, Alan
Weitz, Jennifer
Wellner, Philip
Weyl, Anna
Williams, Alana
Williams, Joanne
Williams, Robert
Willinger, Michael
Wilson, Samuel
Witherwax, Robert
Wolff, Karenina
Wrocklage, Thomas
Xu, Kevin
Yadgarov, Mikhail
Yamaguchi, Christopher
Yarzab, Brian
Yaster, Benjamin
Yevin, Meredith
Yi, Elisa
Yngelmo, Ana
Yondura, Danyelle
Yoo, Jin
Yudd, Anthony
Zagika, Olga
Zieser, Kristin


July 2012 Successful Candidates


Candidates who passed the examination must refer to their user home pages for specific information regarding their eligibility for admission.  Please note that passing the examination does NOT automatically admit you to practice law in New Jersey.  It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided.


Of the 3709 applicants that sat for the exam, results were sent to 3698.  Of the 3698, 2847 or 76.98% passed.


Abaya, Esuga
Abbott, Corinne
Abdallah, Tarek
Abdo, Lydia
Abedin, Alireza
Abes, Eric
Abrams, Meredith
Abrams-Morley, Jesse
Aceto, Michael
Acevedo, Leonardo
Ackerman, Elisheva
Aclo, Allan
Acosta, David
Acquaviva, Lauren
Adams, Shanique
Adams, Laura
Adamski, Theresa
Addes, Kirah
Addy, Rebekah
Adon, Rolfi
Agarwal, Jessica
Agnew, Amy
Agosta, Michael
Ahmad, Syeda
Ahmad, Keirin
Ahmed, Sabrina
Ahn, Moses
Akerman, David
Akinola, Oluwatoyin
Akopian, Roman
Alaimo, Maria
Alam, Faisal
Alemo, Kajal
Alexander, Brandon
Alexion, Christopher
Alfieri, Dante
Ali, Khurrum
Alicanti, Stephen
Alicino, Juliann
Allegra, Edward
Alle-Murphy, Linda
Allen, Ciana
Allen, Justin
Allen, Randall
Allen, Kristen
Allen, Nicole
Allison, Therese
Almanza, Elliott
Alper, Dylan
Alsaleh, Sara
Alvarez, Ariel
Amalfe, Michael
Amanat, F.
Amato, Yuo-Fong
Ameduri, Anthony
Aminova, Liliya
Amoroso, Jessica
Amshen, Steven
Anamdi, Ifenna
Anastasiou, Ted
Anastasopoulos, Maria
Anderson, Justin
Anderson, Kristin
Anderson, Kent
Andonova, Theodora
Andreacchi, Steven
Anello, John
Angelo, Lawrence
Angelova, Aneliya
Angelucci, Lauren
Antoine, Dominique
Antonelli, Albert
Antreassian, Adam
Antwi, Allison
Anyaele, Audrey
Apple, Sarah
Aqeel, Victor
Aras, Jon-Jorge
Arbitman, Zachary
Arble, Emily
Archer, Christopher
Arduengo, E
Arechabala, Tomas
Arneja, Vikram
Aronov, Alexander
Arotsky, Allison
Artiles, Guillermo
Ashe, Emily
Ashrafzadeh-Kian, Johan
Ashtyani, Nima
Ashurov, Anna
Asllani, George
Asquith, James
Assel, Nathan
Aster, Samantha
Augustinsky, Jamie
Auslaender, Justin
Auslander, Gil
Avery, John
Awad, Jacob
Aydelotte, Nancianne
Azarva, Jeffrey
Babnick, Nicole
Backes, Stephanie
Badreldin, Moustafa
Bae, Jeffrey
Bahnsen, Nicholas
Baia, Christopher
Bailey, Angelique
Bailey, Richard
Baker, Joel
Baker, Jessica
Baktis, Colleen
Balboa, Adan
Baldwin, Courtney
Ball, Andrew
Balmer, Evan
Balzer, Kirsten
Baraka, Suzen
Barbuto, Danielle
Bargueiras, Niki
Barlizo, Julianne
Barner, Amanda
Barnett, Matthew
Barnhorn, David
Baroff, J
Baron, Blake
Barot, Sohana
Barovick, Lindsay
Barrese, Michael
Barrett, Christopher
Barrett, Stephen
Barsalona, Joseph
Barth, Ashley
Bartine, Jennifer
Basso, Raphael
Bates, Timothy
Battaglia, Nicholas
Battimelli, Jennifer
Baxter, Ian
Bazydlo, Jennifer
Becht, Jessica
Beck, Adam
Becker, Justin
Bedi, Prabhkaran
Bednar, Tomas
Bedzow, Adam
Beeson, Nicholas
Behre, Ashley
Beissel, Brent
Bell, Caitlin
Bell, Amanda
Bell, Kalish
Bellin, Shana
Bello, Kimberly
Bello, Patrick
Bellucci, Vanessa
Beltre, Rodney
Benach, Jessica
Benak, Michael
Ben-David, Sara
Bender, Megan
Bender, Christopher
Bender, Jennifer
Bennett, Jennifer
Bennett, Lori
Benson, Ryan
Benton, Karen
Benz, Michael
Beran, Katie
Bercovitch, David
Beregovich, Andres
Berenson, Alicia
Berg, Matthew
Berger, Eliot
Berger, Laura
Berger, Matthew
Berger, Scott
Bergstresser, John
Bergus, Bazyt
Berkey, Jessica
Berkovitch, Steven
Berlin, David
Berman, Samantha
Berman, Heather
Berman, Michael
Bernal, Matthew
Bernardo, Laura
Bernardo, Amanda
Bernstein, Boris
Bernstein, Stephanie
Bernstein, Justin
Bernstein, Whitney
Bernstein, Simon
Bernstein, Amy
Bernstein, Steven
Bertel, Orly
Beverly, Siyan
Bey, Deborah
Bhanji, Alisha
Bhaskar, Raajen
Biftu, Beniam
Bilardo, Patricia
Bilinkas, Jacqueline
Bilodeau, Kelsey
Bimonte, Joseph
Bingcang, Pamela
Birch, Elizabeth
Birriel, Kevin
Bishara, Amir
Bistricer, Erin
Blacker, Douglas
Blackwell, Beverly
Blaney, Patrick
Blanton, Robert
Blaustein, Corey
Blauvelt-Marquez, Gretchen
Blenner, Elizabeth
Block, Boris
Blome, Jessica
Bloom, Ian
Bloom, Sasha
Bloom, Carmen
Bloxham, Erin
Blum, William
Blum, Gabrielle
Blumetti, Jared
Bobker, Moshe
Boc, Steven
Bocchinfuso, Jessica
Bochner, Andrew
Bock, Joseph
Bock, Erin
Bodnar, Benjamin
Boera, Cathryn
Bohan, Sasha
Bolte, Kimberly
Bonewicz, John
Boney, Allyson
Bonilla, Daniel
Bonner, Kathleen
Bonner, Jamison
Bonneville, Melissa
Boose, Daniel
Bordonaro, Charles
Borja, Manuel
Borroum, Chantal
Borzi, Lauren
Bouganim, Alexander
Bouklas, James
Boulos, Hanan
Boulos, John
Bovender, Joshua
Bowser, Logan
Boyarsky, Jeffrey
Bozewski, Ashley
Bozza, Mac
Bradley, M. Alexandra
Bradshaw, Kelly
Brand, Joshua
Brandes, Katelyn
Braslow, Neil
Braun, David
Breckenridge, Samuel
Bregman, Alexander
Bremmer, Daniel
Brennan, Mary
Brennan, Timothy
Brennan, Rebecca
Brennan, Rachel
Brenner, Shaina
Brenner, Brian
Brenner, Jeffrey
Breslin, Matthew
Bresnahan, Kristin
Brewster, Shari
Brick, Aubrey
Briggs, Mallory
Brill, Amanda
Brinker, Matthew
Britton, Justin
Broche, Alexander
Broderick, Christina
Brogan, Daniel
Brower, Michael
Brown, Mario
Brown, DaQuan
Brown, David
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Tobias
Brown, Travis
Brown, Kathryn
Brown, Allison
Bruno, Christopher
Bruno, Paolo
Bruskin, Andrew
Brutus, Patrick
Buchanan, Ryan
Buckley, Alexander
Budanitsky, Esther
Budeir, M.
Budhrani, Anshu
Budhu, Ryan
Budner, Michael
Budnick, Hal
Buls, Mordechai
Bundra, Erin
Buonaguro, Paul
Burger, Monika
Burke, Kevin
Burke, Stephen
Burke, Jason
Burke, Deirdre
Burke, Megan
Burns, Brooke
Burshnic, Rudolph
Burt, Jessica
Burzynski, John
Butler, Wynn
Byer, Jonathan
Byrne, Kathleen
Byrnes, Ryan
Byro, Michael
Cabasso, Andrew
Cabrey, Stephen
Cabri, Erika
Caccavale, April
Caglioti, Dominic
Cahill, Kristen
Cahill, Kerry
Cahill, William
Calendar, Shane
Callahan, Crystal
Calvert, Maxwell
Camp, Brittany
Campanaro, Angelica
Campanelli, M.
Campbell, Christopher
Campbell, Mark
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell-Urban, Robin
Campi, Ryan
Candelmo, Michael
Cannataro, Francis
Cano, Mayra
Caplow, Daniel
Caplow, Yonit
Capone, Lisa
Capouet, Charles
Cara, Christopher
Caracciolo, Victoria
Caram, Christina
Caratzola, Cristina
Carboni, David
Carey, John
Carfora, Steven
Carney, Brian
Carney, Meghan
Carosia, Eric
Carrillo, Jonathan
Carrington, Stephanie
Carter, Kristin
Caruso, Michael
Caruso, Antoinette
Casper, Michael
Casserly, Christopher
Cassidy, Michael
Castellana, Tina
Castellina, Vanessa
Castillo, Dalila
Castro, Edvie
Catalano, Jeffrey
Causey, Christina
Cavadas-Cabelo, Tristan
Cavaliere, Michael
Celentano, Michael
Cervenak, Elizabeth
Cetel, Jason
Cha, Geewon
Chai, Deping
Chaise, David
Chakrabarti, Preetha
Chambers, Robert
Chan, Allison
Chan, Wai
Chang, Jeffrey
Charette, Kenneth
Chase, Claudia
Chaudhari, Gaurav
Chelminiak, Adam
Chen, Jeff
Chenette, Courtney
Cheng, Laurence
Cheng, Theodore
Cherry, Jessica
Chesnut, Katherine
Cheung, David
Cheung, Greg
Cheung, Maria
Chhabra, Sunita
Chidlovsky, Nancy
Chin, Tiffany
Cho, Lynn
Cho, Cynthia
Choi, Sarah
Choi, Jinhyuk
Choi, James
Choi, Joon Ho
Chon, Dougie
Choo, So jung
Christiansen, Lucas
Christmann, Daniel
Chu, Brandon
Chugh, Amrita
Chung, Yang-Kun
Chung, Ji Hyun
Chung, Kyong Hun
Cimino, Patrick
Cirilli, Susan
Cirrinicione, Peter
Clark, Matthew
Clarke, Martavis
Clarke, Christen
Clarke, Christine
Clarke, Brian
Clausi, Chris
Claveloux, Jacob
Claytor, Cynthia
Cleaver, John
Clemmer, Jaclyn
Clericuzio, Joseph
Clymer, Leann
Coccorese, Stephen
Cochran, Jonathan
Codding, George
Coffey, Matthew
Coghlan, John
Cohan, Jeffrey
Cohen, Dina
Cohen, Brett
cohen, dale
Cohen, Noah
Cohen, Bradley
Cohen, Steven
Cohen, Toby
Cohen, Joanna
Cohen, Joshua
Cohen, Sharon
Cohen, Daniel
Cohn, Jessica
Coleman, Peter
Coleman, Joseph
Coletta, Anthony
Colicchio, Adam
Collar, Kristen
Collins, Christina
Collins, Joshua
Colozzi, Michael
Comanescu, Gelu
Comer, Jason
Comerford, Sean
Condus, Timothy
Conlin, Alyssa
Conly, Maureen
Connelly, John
Connelly, Jennifer
Connolly, Timothy
Connolly, Colleen
Connon, Krysten
Conroy, Erin
Console, Andrew
Contarino, Josiah
Conte, Rachel
Cook, Michael
Cook, Eugene
Cook, Christopher
Cooper, Gillian
Copeland, Brandon
Coralluzzo, Frank
Corcoran, James
Corcoran, Christina
Corgan, Michael
Coronato, Joseph
Corral, Carolina
Corsano, Nicholas
Corsaro, Veronica
Cosby, Traci
Costa, Stephanie
Costello, Kaitlyn
Costello, Daniel
Cotton, James
Cottone, Anthony
Coughlin, Kacie
Cowper, Cody
Coyle, Andrew
Craft, Micah
Craig, Chase
Craig, Bradford
Crain, Jon
Crandall, Richard
Cranston, Sarah
Crawford, Elizabeth
Crawford, Anthony
Crawford, Melanie
Cricco-Lizza, Gianna
Crippen, Mariel
Critchley, Mark
Croce, Avio
Crohe, John
Croker, Brandon
Cromer, Michael
Cronin, Kayce
Cronin, Jeffrey
Crowder, Dawn
Crowley, Michael
Cruz, Primitivo
Cruze, Kelly
Cuevas, Guillermo
Culotta, John
Cummings, John Ryan
Cupo, Alexandra
Curtis, Matthew
Curva, Ione
Cusack, Mary
Cusack, Michael
Czarnocha, Peter
Dahill, Elizabeth
Dai, Shirley
Dalal, Gati
Dalal, Sagar
Dalin, John
Dallas, Melina
Dalton Jr, Timothy
Dalvet, John
Dambra, Christine
Damiano, James
D'Amico, E
Dancziger, Matti
Danowski, Melissa
Dante, Eric
Dar, Mahala
Darden, Kimberly
D'Arduini, Timothy
D'Arminio, Jaclyn
Darwin, Matthew
Dasani, Sheena
Dascal, Jordan
Datny, Allison
David, Jesse
Davidman, Simcha
Davidson, Daniel
Davila, Jason
Davis, Alex
Davis, Devon
Davis, Alice
Davis, Martina
Davis, Jamie
Davis, Katlyn
de Chavez, Jillian
De Metro, Joseph
De Pierro, Davide
DeAngelo, Margaret
Dearborn, Jennifer
DeBiasi, Nancy
Decktor, Blakeley
DeCoro, Christopher
DeCotiis, Leigh
DeCurtis, Daniel
Dedulin, Lina
DeFelice, Thomas
Degenstein, Joshua
Delaney, Vanessa
Delhauer, Sara
Delp, Dustin
Demko, Caitlin
DeMott, Renee
Denker, Will
Denlinger, Scott
Dennehy, Annmarie
Denny, Michael
DePasquale, David
DeRienzo, Frank
DeRita, Michael
Derkrikorian, Celine
DeRose, Amanda
DeRose, Michael
DeRose, John
Desai, Prathiba
Desimone, Christopher
DeStefano, Sarah
DeVita, Ashley
DeVito, Ashley
Dexter, Gregory
Di Bono, Ross
Di Giovanni, Luiza
Di Pano, Robert
Diamantis, Cosmas
Diamond, Jessica
Diaz, Daniel
Diaz, Javier
Diaz, Sonya
Dib, Brian
DiChiara, Nicholas
Dicker, Jacqueline
Dickerson, Jasmine
Dideban, Lily
Dieguez, Angel
Dienstag, Chaim
DiFrancisco, Carly
Digeronimo, Justine
Dill, Benjamin
Dillon, Kathleen
Dillon, Michael
DiLorenzo, Greg
DiMarzio, Bethany
DiMedio, Nicholas
DiMenna, Adam
DiMenna, Jerome
DiMuzio, Lindsey
Dinnerstein, Jed
Diodato, Megan
Diodato, Danielle
DiPalo, Christina
DiPascali, Dorothy
DiPietro, Gillian
DiSanto, Amanda
Distelburger, Eric
DiUlio, Anthony
Dizard, Rachael
Dizdarevic, Melissa
Djukic, Artem
Dobson, Elizabeth
Dobtsis, Julia
Dodemaide, Andrew
Doers, Karron
Dohner, Vanessa
Dolin, Melissa
Dolinger, Tzvi
Domadia, Chirag
Donaldson, Donnalee
Donatello, Gary
Donnelly, Timothy
Donovan, Martha
Donovan, Frank
Donovan, Kerry
Dorry, Matthew
Doty, Griffin
Dougherty, Taryn
Dougherty, Katharine
Dougherty, Kelly
Douglas, Marsha
Dower, Christine
Doyle, Caroline
Doyle, Peter
Doyle, James
Doyle, John
Doyne, Brooks
Draper, Peter
Drennen, Steven
Drescher, David
Driscole, Rory
Dronson, Kevin
Drozd, Zachary
Drozjock, Melanie
Dru, Jacobine
Dry, Catherine
Dryer, Hayley
Dubin, Jared
Dubuisson Stokes, Dafney
Dugan, Leo
Dugan, Daniel
Dumaual, Albert
Duncan, Thomas
Dunford, Nathan
Dunlevy, Rebecca
Dunn, Taylor
Durham, Joy
Dutch, Kimberly
Dutill, Christian
Dutra, Fernando
Dynes, Kelly
Eagan, Shannon
Eberight, Ross
Eckles, Jason
Eder, Reid
Edler, Jason
Edwards, Michael
Edwards, Shawn
Edwards, Austin
Egerev, Savita
Egert, Joshua
Egger, Casey
Ehrlich, Jordan
Eichelberger, Lauren
Eichner, Samuel
Einav, Joseph
Einersen, Jennifer
Einhart, Eric
Eiselen, Allison
Eisenberg, Ross
Eisenhardt, Kristin
Ekland, Emily
elefante, vincent
Elem, Ashley
Elias, Michael
Elias, Elizabeth
Elkan, Madeleine
Ellias, Matthew
Elliott, Brian
Ellis, Zachary
Elmouji, Erin
Elrabie, Faris
Elrod, John
Englander, Talia
Engstrom, Megan
Enica, Bogdan
Enoch, Edward
epstein, danielle
Erwin, Stefan
Espanol, Franz
Espinoza, Rafael
Etkowicz, Dana
Ettenger, William
Etuk, Aqua
Evans, Griffin
Evans, Lynne
Everett, Brandi
Eversen, Daniel
Fackenthal, Danielle
Faigen, Lisanne
Falcone, Christina
Falk, David
farber, saul
Farer, Suzanne
Farkas, Edward
Farnsworth, Rachel
Farrell, Brian
Fasanello, Daniel
Fasolino, Jennifer
Faye, Craig
Febres, Frances
Fechter, Maria
Fedele, Michael
Federman, Heather
Fedorczyk, Sara
Fehm, Sarah
Feinberg, Eric
Feinbloom, Matthew
Feingold, Seth
Feinman, Leah
Feldman, Elyse
Feliz, Jorge
Fennell, Melvina
Ferguson, Douglas
Ferich, Andrew
Fernandez, David
Ferrara, Melissa
Ferraro, Ronald
Ferraro, Vincent
Ferraro, Jennifer
Ferraro, John
Ferriero, Amie
Ferris, Doher
Festa, Elizabeth
Feuer, Lindsay
Feuer, Aaron
Feuerhammer, Rachel
Feyide John, Funmi
Fiamingo, Francesca
Ficchi, Theresa
Fields, Justin
Fierro, Brandon
Filippello, Salvatore
Finan, Andrew
Fink, Benjamin
Finnegan, Teresa
Finnegan, Kevin
Fiore, Katherine
Fiorello, Jacquelyn
Fiorentino, Catherine
Fischer, Andrew
Fischetti, Daniella
Fishbane, Alexander
Fishkind, Joshua
Fishman, Brittany
Fishman, Hollis
Fissel, Matthew
Fix, Katherine
Flanigan, Maryann
Fleischer, David
Fleming, Adam
Fletcher, Morgan
Flores, Melissa
Foley, Joseph
Fonseca-Sabune, Ayirini
Ford, Edward
Ford, Christopher
Forman, Adam
Forman, Kathryn
Forman, Julia
Forrester, Thomas
Forrester, Rosa
Forte, Stephen
Foss, Samantha
Foster, Yulia
Foster, Lindsay
Fotovat, Paul
Fox, Michael
Fox, Nicholas
Fox, Kyle
Fox, Christopher
Fox, Jeffrey
Foy, Sarah
Frail, Kieran
Frame, Whitney
Francesco, Maria
Franchilli, Alexander
Francisco, Yesenia
Franck, Joseph
Franco, Flavia
Franko, Kimberly
Frantel, Michael
Freed, David
Freeman, Jordan
Freund, Kathryn
Fried, Ari
Fried, Marc
Friedman, Kassandra
Friedman, Nathaniel
Friedman, Aaron
Friedman, Bari
Friedman, Joseph
Friedman, Jeremy
Friedman, Dustin
Friedman, Michele
Friedrich, Victoria
Friel, Ryan
Friend, Ian
Frins, Erik
Fritz, Andrew
Fritze, William
Frodella, Jonathan
Froehlich, Hilary
Frosolone, Michelin
Frost, Jillian
Fucci, Taryn
Fudiman, Diana
Fuell, Thomas
Fuhrmann, Brandon
Full, Laura
Fuller, Jessica
Futterman, David
Gabai, Eliza
Gabela, Priscilla
Gaffney, Jessica
Gal, Stephanie
Galeone, Katie
Galla, Scott
Gallagher, Maura
Gallo, Nicole
Gallo, Matthew
Gallo, Thomas
Gallo, Aubrey
Gambardello, Laura
Gamer, Daniel
Garcia, Tara
Garden, Andrew
Garellek, Jordana
Garibotto, Rebecca
Garland, Kathryn
Garrett, Maury
Garrett, Brian
Garrison, Robert
Garrison, Christopher
Gartenberg, Adam
Gartside, Chloe
Garza, Kaylie
Gass, David
Gatlin, Husain
Gausepohl, Dana
Gayeski, Dana
Gaylord, Mark
Gaynor, Aaron
Gbollie, Findayawah
Gelber, Harrison
Gelerman, Aleksandr
Geller, Richard
Geller, Melissa
Gellman, Samantha
Gelman, Jason
Genovese, Amanda
Gentile, Nicole
George, Nicholas
George-Wheeler, Leila
Germak, Chelsea
Germano, James
Gerny, Marissa
Gershel, David
Gershfeld, Yakov
Gershkow, Jamie
Gersie, Christopher
Gesualdi, Diana
Ghantous, Yasmina
Giampiccolo, Diana
Gibbons, David
Gibilaro, Connie
Gibson, Colin
Gigliotti, Brittany
Gilberg, Michael
Gill, Tracy
Gilleg, Justin
Gillin-Schwartz, Joseph
Gilman, Jared
Gimbrone, Tiana
Gimigliano, Andrew
Gincel, Lawrence
Ginsberg, Candice
Ginsberg, Jennifer
Ginsburg, Maya
Giovanniello, Paul
Gittens, Adrienne
Gittleman, Dana
Glassman, Alexander
Glavich, Erin
Goddin, Daniel
Godfrey, Laura
Goebel, Danielle
Goetz, Samantha
Goffman, Elissa
Gogineni, Rahul
Gogna, Ajay
Goikhman, Dorit
Gokberk, Steve
Gold, Rebecca
Gold, Danielle
Gold, Lindsay
Gold, Brittany
Goldberg, Samuel
Goldberg, Margo
Goldberg, Alex
Goldblatt, Brian
Goldburd, Benjamin
Goldenberg, Mordechai
Goldenberg, Jessica
Goldinstein, Arkady
Goldman, Michael
Goldman, David
Goldman, Evan
Goldman, Gregory
Goldmintz, Daniel
Goldschmidt, Alan
Goldschmidt, J. Christopher
Goldstein, David
Goldstein, Jessica
Goldstein, Scott
Goldstein, Tomer
Goldstein, Julie
Gonnello, Frank
Goodloe, James
Goodman, Adam
Goodman, Evan
Goomer, Rajvir
Gorrie, Robert
Gourdine, Peter
Goykhman, Inna
Grace, Desiree
Gradowitz, Sean
Gradwohl, Daniel
Grandner, Lisa
Grant, Deneekie
Grant, Edward
Grassi, Anthony
Graves, Shane
Gray, Shontae
Greco, Andrea
Greco, Regan
Green, Stephanie
Green, Jared
Greenbaum, Cory
Greenberg, Jessica
Greenblatt, Madeline
Greenfield, Jill
Green-Gooden, Jesseka
Greenhaus, Richard
Greenlees, Geoffrey
Greenspon, Jason
Greenwald, Daniel
Gregory, Rebecca
Gregory, Aysha
Grewe, Erin
Grieco, Joseph
Griffing, Benjamin
Griffing, Katharine
Grim, C
Grinkevich, Gabrielle
Grinshteyn, Allana
Grizotsky, Zachary
Groban, Matthew
Grommet, Philip
Gronningsater, Sara
Gross, Marc
Grossman, Jonathan
Grossman, Joshua
Grossman, Andrea
Group, Scott
Grove, Evan
Gruber, Kyle
Grunert, John
Guadiana, Elvira
Guallpa, Rachel
Guard, Louis
Guarino, Kevin
Guidice, Lauren
Gunlefinger, Carl
Gunther, Carla
Guthrie, Tammi
Habib, Monica
Hadacek, Joseph
Haery, Yalda
Hage, Claudia
Haggerty, Evan
Hahn, Steven
Haider, Saira
Hairston, Jennifer
Hajjar, Tanya
Hall, Dianna
Hall, Michael
Hallanan, John
Hallmark, Allie
Halloran, Lisa
Halpern, Adina
Halsch, Tara
Hamid, Noorin
Hammershaimb, Edgar
Hammoud, Adam
Han, Kenneth
Han, Joanna
Han, Kyung Hwa
Han, Michelle
Hanan, Daniel
Hand, Jared
Handelsman, Michael
Haney, Adam
Hanna, Meena
Hanna, Jared
Hanna, Katrina
Hanna, William
Hannibal, Andrew
Hannon, Brian
Hantman, Joshua
Hao, Jianming
Harker, Francesca
Harkness, Michael
Harper, Crystal
Harris, Monica
Harris, Ashley
Harris, Brian
Hart, Sarah
Hart, Adrienne
Harteis, Lindsey
Hartman, Neda
Hartman, Fred
Hartman, Brett
Hartong, Steven
Hartsfield, Cathy
Harz, Jonathan
Hasan, Shouk
Hasan, Kulsoom
Hasani, Alvaro
Haseebullah, Athar
Hashima, Sandra
Hasiuk, Nathan
Hastings, Nickolaus
hatchett, jahlee
Hatfield, Alicia
Hatti, Ranjit
Hau, Jennifer
Hawkins, Adrienne
Hawthorne, Christopher
Hayden, Alex
Hayden, Kathy-Jo
Haydt, William
Hayes, Colleen
Haywood, Zandra
He, Ingrid
Heacock, Laura
Heck, Michael
Heck, Andrew
Heckler, Adam
Hedeman, Walter
Heftler, Mark
Hegde, Nirupama
Hein, Brittany
Hein, Elizabeth
Hein, Kevin
Heineman, Tiffany
Heinemann, Michael
Heinze, Alison
Heinzelmann, Mark
Heldman, Jeffrey
Heleniak, Christopher
Heleniak, Gregory
Hellander, Katherine
Heller, Julie
Heller, Alex
Heller, Daniel
Hellstern, Jennifer
Helmy, Marize
Hemani, Inayat Ali
Henderson, Vanessa
Henderson, Ashley
Henderson, Shannon
Hendrix, Erin
Henek, David
Henry, Edward
Henry, Megan
Henry, Paul
Hensleigh, Christopher
Heppe, Frederick
Herbst, Jacob
Herendeen, Susan
Herman, Elliot
Herman, Taylor
Hermo, Jessica
Hernandez, Julia
Herrold, Tyson
Herskowitz, Amy
Hess, Mark
Hettler, Kathryn
Hewlett, John
Heyison, Kari
Hickey, Ryan
Hicks, Kelly
Higbee, Melissa
Higgins, Christopher
Higley, Kyle
Hill, Brian
Hill, Bilal
Hillenbrand, Edward
Hillsdon, Vanessa
Hilsen, Alexander
Hirsch, Marissa
Hirsch, Jared
Hirst, Jonathan
Hjelle, Megan
Ho, Jessica
Hochberg, Shari
Hochberg, Benjamin
Hockett, Kari
Hodulik, Ann
Hof, Isaac
Hoffman, Jessica
Hoffman, Brad
Hoffman, Newman
Hogan, Caitlin
Holber, Thomas
Holland, Kristine
Hollander, Justin
Holleran, Kevin
Holloway, David
Holm, Kristine
Holmes, Tamarra
Holmes, Hadassah
Holmes, Jacqueline
Holsey, Jennifer
Holtzman, William
Hooper, Benjamin
Hopkins, Jamie
Hopkins, Robert
Horgan, Maureen
Horn, Timothy
Hornaday, Marjorie
Hornblower, Luke
Horton, Ashley
Horvath, Genevieve
Hosein, Jasmine
Hoshiari pour, Hanieh
Hossain, Nabilah
Hou, Timothy
Hourdajian, Marisa
Hourizadeh, Arshia
Howard, Nathan
Howell, Lisa
Howell, Leo
Hsieh, Irene
Hsu, Kathleen
Huang, Jennifer
Huang, Leonie
Hubbard, Jenelle
Huber, Michael
Huddell, Nathan
Huelle, August
Hughes, Edward
Hughes Freeman, Tanya
Hulit, Heather
Humphries, Ashley
Hungwe, Nyasha
Hunter, Nicole
Husney, Louis
Hussain, Sana
Hussey, David
Hutcheon, Rebecca
Huynh-Linenberg, Jacquie
Hwang, Eajin
Hwang, Jack
Hylas, Robert
Hymowitz, Sean
Iacobucci, John
Iacovino, Nathan
Idell, John
Idiaghe, Diana
Igoe, Brian
Ilin-Schneider, Serge
Imperiale, Andrew
Incatasciato, Louis
Ingber, Ashley
Innocent, Jerry
Inomata, Margaret
Isaacs-Smith, Daniel
Islam, Buneka
Israel, Solomon
Israni, Erik
Jabado, Sandy
Jack, Jennifer
Jackson, Harry
Jacobs, Joshua
Jacobs, Elana
Jacobs, Jonathan
Jacobs, Evan
Jacobson, Erica
Jaffe, Scott
Jaffe, Yonah
Jagtap, Dipti
Jakas, Joseph
Jakob, Kyle
James, Patrick
James, Brian
Jandhyala, Sri Krishna
Janusz, Suzanne
Jawitz, Tal
Jeanfreau, Charles
Jebara, Zana
Jentsch, Cynthia
Jerchau, Katelyn
Jewett, Christopher
Jhun, Sue Jean
Ji, Yonggang
Jodre, Jordan
Johns, Joseph
Johns, Zachary
Johnson, Jannell
Johnson, Elijah
Johnson, Sean
Johnson, Nicole
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Chennel
Jones, Emma
Jones, Steven
Jones, Marya
Jordan, Drew
Jorges, Andrew
Joshi, Hina
Josko, Nicole
Joya, Veronica
Judd, Kate
Judge, William
Judka, Alexander
Junell, Matthew
Juray, Amanda
Juskowicz, Steven
Kaaiohelo, Angela
Kabariti, Liza
Kabat, Patrick
Kabir, Taneem
Kadel, Robert
Kadetskaya, Tatiana
kafafian, Martin
Kagan, Seth
Kagan, Samantha
Kahn, Margarita
Kahoud, Courtney
Kalinowski, John
Kallfa, Evi
Kamenetsky, Alexandra
Kandkhorov, Mark
Kane, Maureen
Kanesaka, Subaru
Kanevsky, Edward
Kang, Harrison
Kanter, Andrew
Kapitonov, Peter
Kaplan, Troy
Kaplan, Daniel
Kaplin, Daniel
Kaplitt, Stephen
Karam, Shannon
Karl, Jonathan
Kartez, Ross
Kasdan, Lisa
Kaskiw, Gene
Kassutto, Barak
Kastenbaum, Harry
Katona, Lauren
Kats, Maksim
Katsimagles, Christopher
Katz, Alyssa
Katz, Stuart
Katz, Joshua
Katz, Andrew
Katzap, Ari
Katzman, David
Kaup, Jocqueline
Kaur, Navpreet
Kawka, Ernest
Keane, Michael
Kearney, Michael
Kearney, Ryan
Keddis, Mark
Keith, Andrew
Kelley, Joanne
Kellner, Steven
Kelly, Alanna
Kelly, Crystal
Kelly, Leigh
Kelly, John
Kelly, Laurie
Keltz, Erin
Kemp, Terence
Kendall, Carolyn
Kennerly, Maxwell
Kenney, Dorothy
Kenney, Ashley
Kenney, Elizabeth
Kenny, Kieran
Kent, Samantha
Kentros, Anna
Keppler, Kristen
Kercelius, Jacquelyn
Kern, Ronald
Kerner, Stephen
Kerrane, Kaitlyn
Kerstetter, Christian
Kessler, Lauren
Kettler, Michael
Khalid, Rizwan
Khan, Kashaf
Khlebina, Milana
Khutoryansky, Aleksandr
Kidd, Alan
Kiefer, Melissa
Kierych, Rachael
Kilroy, Shaun
Kim, Thomas
Kim, Sumin
Kim, Kiho
Kim, Ha Kyoung
Kim, Steve
Kim, Yeun-Jo
Kim, Joo Yun
Kim, Youngcho
King, Zachary
King, Ernest
King, Sarai
King, Jonathan
King, Brian
King, Michael
Kipnis, Nicole
Kirman, Eugene
Kirsch, Michelle
Kirschner, Eli
Kiss, Melinda
Kitayama, Shintaro
Kitchens, Rebecca
Kitei, Richard
Kitson, Michael
Klein, Zachary
Klein, Corey
Kleinman, Dyan
Kleinmann, Aaron
Kleyman, Igor
Kleyman, Dina
Kline, Emma
Klitsch, Brian
Klock, Christopher
Kneisser, Marguerite
Knight, Shera
Knox, J
Ko, Daniel
Ko, Christopher
Koch, Sam
Kocoshis, Angelus
Koenecke, Wade
Kohane, Nadine
Kohn, Daniel
Kolansky, Jessica
Koll, Perri
Konigsberg, Barry
Koonce, Nathaniel
Koory, Gregory
Kopel, Yitzchak
Koplowitz, Eric
Koranteng, Judith
Kothari, Paras
Kothari, Rupal
Kovacs, Peter
Kovary, Marissa
Kowalsky, Gregory
Kramer, Nicole
Krantz, Michael
Krasner, Leona
Krause, Kris
Krauss, Lauren
Krautmanis, Lia
Kravetz, Pamela
Krawitz, Jason
Kreider, Jonathan
Krieger, Tara
Krier, Brian
Krisch, David
Kroetz, Stacia
Krone, Kimberly
Krosuri, Sunita
Krouse, Matthew
Kruse, Kevin
Kuehne, John
Kugler, Samantha
Kukreja, Karan
Kukucka, Jillian
Kulanu, Shari
Kumar, Amit
Kumar, Monisha
Kuntz, Andrew
Kunz, Michael
Kuperman, Zachary
Kusjanovic, Henry
Kutscher, Martie
Kwak, Megan
Kwasny, Alexander
Kwok, Jonathan
La Marca, Michael
Labes, Rachel
Laborda Nelson, Alexa
Labov, Evan
Labruto, Julianna
LaCarrubba, Stephanie
Lackey, Jeremy
LaForgia, Christian
Lager, Matthew
Lahm, Jennifer
Lainas, James
Laird, Edward
Laksin, Ilya
Lam, Fanny
LaMarca, Jason
lamberti, Rafael
Lamson, Allison
Landau, Elizabeth
Landolfi, Cara
Lang, Arthur
Lanigan, Brendan
Lanni, Timothy
Lanwehr, Bernhard
LaPaglia, Genevieve
Lapsatis, Nicole
Larkin, Yeshaya
LaSpina, Nicholas
Latella, Blaise
Latham, Toby
Lathia, Naju
Lau, Jessica
Lau, Tsz
Laufer, Amanda
Laurencelle, Alison
Lavian, Daniel
Lawhorn, Jeffrey
Lawrence, Regina
Lawrence, La-Donna
Lax, Irene
Lazich, Elina
Leach, David
Lebowitz, Rebecca
Lechner, Jolie
Lee, David
Lee, Janet
Lee, Eunjin
Lee, Young Min
Lee, Miranda
Lee, Dae Yeol
Lee, Hyojin
lee, lina
Lee, Joyce
Lee, Richard
Legum, Brian
Lei, Thomas
Leigh, Caroline
Lembeck, Jacqueline
Lemieux, Mark
Lennon, Joseph
Lentini, Elizabeth
Leon, Erika
Leonardis, Jennifer
Leppert, Jeffrey
Lerner, Max
Lerner, Yevgeniy
Lettis, Susan
Leung, Eugene
Leuzzi, Melissa
Levin, Allison
Levin, Shmuel
Levin, Malya
Levina, Alina
Levine, Zacharie
Levine, Kevin
Levine, Renee
Levine, Kara
Levis, Christian
Levitian, Karina
Levitin, Renee
Levy, Justin
Levy, Itamar
Levy, Jared
Lewbel, Jonathan
Lewis, Rachel
Lewis, Jason
Lewis, Sekou
Lewis, Ginene
Lewis, Melanie
Lewis, Ryan
Lewis, Kelly
Li, Yue
Li, Dan
Liaschenko, Timothy
Lichtstein, Jeffrey
Liebherr, Lisa
Lignos, Michael
Lim, David
Lim, Diana
Limbach, Christine
Limbacher, Jessica
Lin, Jennifer
Lin, Aimee
Lindell, Karen
Linden, Jason
Lindenfeld, Max
Linder, Jon
Liou, Eric
Lipp, Brian
Lipp, Troy
Lipschutz, Jeffrey
LiRosi, Jeneva
Liskay, Ian
Liss, Sara
Listokin, Michele
Litvak, Igor
Liu, Chang
Liu, Zhiqiang
Liva, Julie
Liva, Lorin
Livengood, Rebecca
Livne, Oren
Livornese, Ned
LoBiondo, George
Lockspeiser, Benjamin
Loeser, George
Loewenstein, Judah
Logan, Kevin
Logan, Elizabeth
Lombardi, Stuart
London, Rachel
Long, Lisa
Long, Jonathan
Long, Christopher
Lopez, Caesar
Lopez, Gabriel
Losier, Kerianne
Louis, Ramy
Louisa, Nicholas
Lovett, Adam
Loyer, Chrystal
Lozier, Christine
Lu, Chenchao
Luboch, Martha
Lucak, Natalia
Lucas, Justin
Luciano, Kristin
Luisi, Daniel
Lun, Matthew
Lund, Erin
Luo, Jie
Luque, Anibal
Lustig, Ari
Luzzi, Stephanie
Lyness, Michael
Lyons, Samantha
Lyons, Andrew
Lyutin, Yelena
Macari, Jessica
Maciejunes, Nicole
Mackinson, James
MacLaren, Duncan
MacLeod, Cameron
MacPhee, Sean
MacPherson, Scott
MacQueen, Grant
Macrina, Jessica
Maddox, Adam
Madigan, Michael
Madison, Jillian
Magar, Mariam
Magid, Andrew
Mahady, Joseph
Mahboob, Rubaiyat
Mahla, Melody
Mahon, Meaghan
Mahoney, Diana
Maiorano, Nicholas
Makarov, Michael
Makhijani, Anil
Malamud, Matthew
Malarick, Michael
Maldonado, Audree
Malina, Rachel
Malinowski, Richard
Mall, Rachel
Mallon, Shane
Malone, Erin
Malone, Kathleen
Malone, Timothy
Maloney, Douglas
Maltese, Matthew
Mancini, Cristina
Mancino, Joseph
Mancino, Jacqueline
Mancuso, Kristin
Mandelbaum, Robert
Mangiacapra, Ronald
Mangini, Gregory
Mangino, Kristina
Manoushagian, Victoria
Mansbach, Rebecca
Mansouri, Niema
Manton, Katie
Mao, Zhan
mapp, anthony
Marandola, Tyler
Marchini, Laura
Marcinko, J. Alexander
Margulies, Lisa
Marin, Diana
Marinescu, Irina
Markgraf, Kent
Markham, Nastassja
Markos, Dimitrios
Marks, Todd
Marque, Alissa
Marquez, Patricia
Marr, Spencer
Marrocco, Rebecca
Marshall, Tyhesha
Marshall, Kevin
Marshall-Clark, Morgan
Martens, Theodore
Martin, Christopher
Martinaj, Besmir
Martinez Tuero, Marcos
Martins, Stephanie
Martz, Jessica
Masciantonio, Dana
Masef, Adam
Maslansky, Rachel
Mastriano, Laura
Mastropiero, Danielle
Matar, Stephanie
Materese, Joshua
Mathai, Amreeta
Matkosky, Jill
Matthews, Brian
Matz, Sarah
Mausner, Eric
Maxwell, Kaitlyn
Maynard, Laura
Mazer, Ross
Mazur, Michael
Mazzio, Richard
Mazzone, Dinneen
McCadden, Patrick
McCarthy, Alisha
McCluskey, Patricia
McCormack, Michael
McCoy, Benjamin
McCulloch, Mary-Helen
McCumber, Jason
McCutcheon, Ian
McDermott, Bryan
McDonald, Kevin
McDonald, Shannon
McDonnell, Matthew
McDougal, Devero
McElmoyl, Katelyn
McElroy, Kristin
McFadzen, Erin
McGovern, Elizabeth
McGovern, Brian
McGregor, Travis
McHale, James
McInerney, Ryan
McKenna, Kaitlyn
McKernan, Timothy
McLaughlin, Kathleen
McMahon, Jacqueline
McManus, Kurtis
McManus, Matthew
McMullin, Christopher
McNally, Mark
McNeil, Michael
McPeak, Joseph
McQueeny, Michael
McRae-Alston, Courtney
McSkimming, Meghan
Mei, Dan Feng
Meiseles, Alexander
Mekkawy, Derek
Melamed, Elizabeth
Melendez, Lyana
Melnicki, Benjamin
Melofchik, William
Melville, Patrice
Mendelewski, Vanessa
Mendelson, Brooke
Mendlowitz, Mordechai
Mener, Jessica
Menzano, Stefanie
mercogliano, elizabeth
Mermelstein, Avi
Merritt, Stacy
Metallo, Victor
Metallo, Jonathan
Metz Meredith, Emily
Meyer, Jennifer
Mian, Shazrae
Michaeli, Lauren
Michel, Kevin
Mickman, Courtney
Miele, Francesca
Mierzwa, Jason
Mihaly, Matthew
Mihaylova, Maria
Mikhli, Benjamin
Miles, Sarah
Miles, Edward
Miletic, Jure
Miller, Jessica
Miller, Matthew
Miller, Todd
Miller, Timothy
Miller, Lauren
Miller, Mark
Miller, Tara
Mills, Matthew
Min, Leah
Minarovich, Siobhain
Minervini, Rosanna
Minick, Jonathan
Mininson, Keith
Minnella, Matthew
Minnigan, Danita
Minor, Jenna
Miranda, Christina
Mirarchi, Joseph
Mircovich, Nicholas
Mirett, Katherine
Mirett, Matthew
Mishkin, Benjamin
Miskiewicz, Hayley
Misner, Allie
Mitchell, Kyle
Mitchell, Alison
Mithaiwala, Nazish
Mizrahi, Shira
Mocco, Marjorie
Modery, Michelle
Mogavero, Kristen
Mohan, Monika
Moles, Justin
Monaghan, Tara
Mondrow, Jordana
Monhait, Jeffrey
Monteleone, Michael
Montero, Irene
Monterosso, Christopher
Montgomery, Whitney
Moon, Jina
Moore, Justin
Moore, Katherine
Moore, Ryan
Mootz, Jonathan
Morales, Harminda
Morales, Lauren
Moran, Melissa
Morcelin, Elena
Moreira, Monique
Morgano, Anthony
Morgenstern, Rivkah
Morris, Steven
Morris, Michael
Morrison, Meade
Morrison, Brian
Moshen, Shlomo
Mosser, Todd
Most, Danielle
Most, Joseph
Mount, Christopher
Moustakis, Demitrios
Mower, Emily
Much, Donnell
Muchnik, Leo
Muglia, Richard
Muhlenberg, Eric
Muldowney, Annie
Mulholland, John
Mullens, Gregory
Mulligan, Robert
Munson, Nitoya
Murdock, Renee
Murdza, David
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Elizabeth
Murphy, Michael
Murray, Kate
Murray, James
Murray, Amanda
Musa-Sonko, Sainabou
Musleh, Diaa
Mustafa, Sammier
Myers, Patrick
Myers, Lauren
Na, Sang
Nadbielny, Katheryn
Nam, Rosemari
Namoury, Adam
Nankerville, Bradly
Nanwani, Shaira
Nardi, Marissa
Narva, Jacob
Nascimento, Lucas
Nassar, Alexander
Nassauer, Christine
Nassirpour, Shahab
Natoli, Stephen
Navarro, Julio
Ndiaye, Marie
Neff, Kristina
Nehring, Molly
Neilson, Zachary
Nelson, Mika
Nelson, Dana
Nelson, Bradley
Nelson, Daniel
Neumann, Jonathan
Neustein, Hirsch
Nevolis, Steven
Newbold, Nathan
Newhouse, Jack
Newman, Eleanor
Newman, Jared
Newman, Alanna
Newman, Michael
Newsom, Carolyn
Newton, Michelle
Nguyen, Tracy
Nguyen, Rachel
Nichilo, Brian
Nicolette, Laura
Nikic, Nicholas
Nolan, Genna
Nole, Rachael
Norcia, Joseph
Norton, Irena
Nosek, Kimberly
Novack, Nicholas
Noveck, Michael
Novero, Molly
Novick, William
Nowak, Maxim
Nugent, Katherine
Nugent, Patrick
Nuzzi, Andrea
Nwakanma, Chinemenma
Nye, Martha
Oakes, Thomas
Oas, Matthew
Ober, Alexandra
Oberkofler, David
Oberleiton, Timothy
O'Boyle, Jonathan
O'Boyle, Anthony
O'Brien, Kathleen
O'Callaghan, Kyle
Ochoa, Bobby
O'Connell, Kerrin
O'Connell, Michael
O'Connor, Ryan
O'Donnell, Kirsten
O'Donnell, Thomas
O'Dowd, Scott
Oelrich, Lauren
Offit, Anna
O'Grady, Jessica
Oh, Carolyn
O'Keefe, Kevin
Oks, Caroline
O'Leary, Melissa
Oliet, Lauren
Oliver, Joseph
Oliver, Julianne
Oliver, Laura
Oller, Andrea
Olmo, Jeannine
O'Loughlin, Sean
O'Mahoney, Sean
O'Malley, Austin
O'Neil, Ryan
O'Neill, Timothy
Onyeani, Ogechi
Opalinski, Krystian
Oppenheim, Danielle
Oran, Steven
Ordene, Jason
Orenstein, Yoninah
Orlang, Adreanna
Ormsbee, Matthew
Orth, Derek
Osach, Andrew
Osteen, John
Ostendorp, Thomas
Ostrovskaya, Marina
Ottati, Katherine
Pacicco, Stephen
Padilla, Evan
Pahls, Katherine
Pal, Joshua
Palaia, Ashley
Paliogiannis, Christina
Palmer, Parker
Palter, Jessica
Palumbo, Jeffrey
Palyca, Steven
Panaccione, Kathryn
Panahi, Sean
Pandit, Mikhil
Panicola, Anthony
Paone, John
Papadimas, Evagelia
Papadopoulos, Christina
Papalia, Alexandra
Paravecchia, Joseph
Pardalis, Steven
Parekh, Amee
Parikh, Amit
Parikh, Sanyam
Paris, Santiago
Parisi, Benjamin
Park, Steve
Park, Brian
Park, Bom
Park, Yoon Jung
Parker, Lauren
Parks, Bridgette
Parks, Joshua
Parmegiani, Joseph
Pascone, Lilian
Pasculli, Diana
Pasricha, N.
Passantino, Andrea
Passaretti, Michael
Paster, Robert
Pastor, Charles
Pastore, Vincent
Patel, Kruti
Patel, Darshan
Patel, Priya
Patel, Jasmine
Patel, Mili
Patel, Jayna
Patel, Rahool
Patterson, Linda
Patterson, Gregory
Pavlou, Alexander
Paxos, Lena
Payne, James
Peace, Melissa
Peachey, Raymond
Pearson, Kathryn
Peck, Andrew
Pedergnana, Timothy
Pegram, Joey
Pegues, Anthony
Peleg, Shira
Pelicci, Leroy
Pellegrino, Amanda
Penett, Thomas
Penhallegon, Kevin
Pepe, Joseph
Pepper, Bryan
Perez, Alex
Perez, Melanie
Perih, Stephen
Perkins, Erica
Perkins, Dana
Perkins, Julia
Perlman, Brianne
Perlowitz, Alyssa
Perrone, Beverly
Persampieri, Christine
Persaud, Devika
Pervil, Sara
Peskin, Rebecca
Peters, Michael
Peters, Ryan
Peters, Suzanne
Peters, Michael
Petreski, Blagoja
Petro, Joseph
Petrova, Violeta
Petruzzelli, Lauren
Petry, Caitlin
Pfeiffer, Kevin
Pfoutz, Jonathan
Phalon, Erin
Pham, Hien
Phillips, Danielle
Pho, Tracy
Picard, Jamie
Pick, Jessica
Pickering, Emily
Pickhaver, Kelly
Piddoubny, Andrew
Pierce, Schuyler
Pierce, Christine
Pierre, Ritha
Pierre, Christopher
Pierre, Ephraim
Pietranton, Erica
Pikulin, Eugene
Pimpinelli, Jacqueline
Pinchevsky, Jennifer
Pinos, Catherine
Pinto, Phillip
Pires, Matthew
Pirozzolo, Kathleen
Pisano, Milena
Pisciotta, Matthew
Pistola, Danielle
Pitamber, Ranita
Pivnicny, Thomas
Plasencia, Antonio
Platt, Stephanie
Pleskov, Igor
Plofker, Jeremy
Pluta, Nadia
Ply, Victoria
Podolsky, Michelle
Pogorelskiy, Elyor
Pohrib, Aurelia
Polifione, Frances
Pollack, Steven
Pollice, Alycia
Pollock, James
Poloner, Brian
Poltrock, Dara
Polyakov, Vyacheslav
Pomeroy, Jill
Ponnambalam, Arun
Portal, Mark
Portanova, John
Porter, Allison
Porter, Jonathan
Portin, Zachary
Posen, Avrohom
Poth, Christian
Powell, R.
Predovan, Marijana
Prentice, Jessica
Price, Adriane
Price, Lindsey
Price, Jonea
Price, Gary
Prigoff, Stephanie
Prime, Tyler
Priolo, Marie Louise
Prior, Jennifer
Prosky, Marissa
Przybylko, Eric
Psihoules, Christopher
Pszwaro, John
Pulman, Simon
Purcell, Edward
Pusar, Andrew
Pustel, Gary
Pustizzi, Katherine
Pyle, Zachary
Qin, Haiou
Quietmeyer, Robert
Quigley, Christin
Quigley, Brian
Quigley, Timothy
Quvus, Christopher
Rabbat, Amanda
Rabinowitz, Sabrina
Rabinowitz, Jesse
Rabinowitz, Alexander
Rackman, David
Racz, Eugene
Radcliffe, Craig
Rader, Scott
Radulski, Raymond
Radziewicz, Nicole
Rafi, Negar
Raful, Gabriela
Ragavan, Kavita
Rahman, Faisal
Raiders, Richard
Raimondi, Shannon
Raitses, Or
Ralston, Elizabeth
Ramagli, Joseph
Ramesh, Archana
Ramey, Kathryn
Ramirez, Mitchell
Ramirez, Justin
Ramsay, Marisa
Rand, Cory
Randall, John
Randazzo, Nicole
Rang, Nicole
Raphan, Matthew
Rapps, Michael
Rasmussen, Matthew
Ratner, Susanna
Ravenell, William
Read, Michael
Realberg, Lauren
Reap, David
Recchia, Samantha
Reddick, Latasha
Reed, David
Reed, Matthew
Reese, Jeffrey
Reese, Michael
Regan, Lisa
Regan, Christopher
Regina, Michael
Reich, Julie
Reilly, Michael
Reilly, Molly
Rein, Andrew
Reinfeld, Aviva
Reing, Scott
Reiser, Rachel
Reiss, Bradley
Reitman, Justin
Rejrat, Wallace
Rementer, Danielle
Renitsky, Craig
Renner, Kimberly
Resetarits, Aaron
Reyes, Kimberly
Reyes, Cristal
Reynolds, Briele
Ricci, David
Ricci, Andrew
Rice, Morgan
Richards, Evan
Richardson, Amari
Richmond, Jeremy
Richwine, Sara
Rieffel, Kevin
Riess, Michael
Rim, Christina
Rindosh, Jason
Ringwood, Brianna
Rinkle, Sheena
Ritter, Cheryl
Rivera, Joseph
Rizzo, Caitlin
Robbins, Daniel
Robbins, Joseph
Robbins, Tyler
Robergeau, Sharmaine
Roberti, Cristina
Roberti, Rafael
Roberts, Michael
Robinson, Chaunelle
Robinson, Michael
Roca, Melissa
Roddam, Prema
Rodimer, Rebecca
Rodrigues, David
Rodrigues, Danna
Rodriguez, Alyssa
Rodriguez, Krystal
Roehling, Jesse
Rogers, Nicholas
Rohlfing, James
Rokas, Konstantinos
Roland, Alissa
Rolle, James
Rollins, Anne
Ronan, Keith
Rongo, Kari
Roos, Sean
Rosborough, Danielle
Rose, Brigitte
Roseman, Daniel
Roseman, Adam
Rosen, Adam
Rosen, Michael
Rosen, Zachary
Rosenbaum, David
Rosenbaum, Caroline
Rosenberg, Scott
Rosenberg, Louis
Rosenberg, C
Rosen-Gould, Shane
Rosenthal, Robert
Rosiejka, Danielle
Rosner, Joshua
Ross, Amanda
Ross, Adam
Ross, Danielle
Ross, Sarah
Ross, Michael
Rossel, Andrew
Rosskam, Joseph
Rossman, Melissa
Rotblat, Alter
Rothman, Jordan
Rozencranc, German
Rozenfeld, Jenya
Rubenstein, Melinda
Rubenstein, Alex
Rubin, Aaron
Rubin, Danielle
Ruch, Jaclyn
Ruder, Andrew
Rudman, Inna
Rudolph, Joshua
Ruggeri, Matthew
Ruggles, Meredith
Ruiss, Jon
Rushdan, Wali
Rutala, Joseph
Rutherford, David
Ryan, Christine
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Timothy
Ryan, Danielle
Ryan, M.
Ryduchowski, Raymond
Ryu, Hee Jong
Sabino, Michael
Sable, Eric
Sacalis, S.
Sacks, Jonathan
Safane, Aaron
Sahni, Ambika
Saidman-Krauss, Rebekah
Saint-Fort, Dominique
Saltman, Samuel
Saltzman, Genna
Saltzman, Zachary
Salvini, Kevin
Samdani, Pranay
Samost, Mariah
Sanchez, Jorge
Sanchez, Sebastian
Sanders, Joslyn
Sanderson, Christopher
Sandgrund, Maxwell
Sangalis, Theodore
Santaite, Vincent
Santanasto, Joseph
Santangelo, Gina
Santino, Gina
Saperstein, Allison
Sarmadi, Mona
Sarmiento, Leonard
Saroyan, Vartges
Sarpong, Nana
Sartorio, Christina
Satlin, Leah
Sato, Nan
Savoff, Zuza
Sawicki, Kristen
Sawyer, Alexandria
Sborz, David
Scalzo, James
Scanlon, Brian
Scanlon, Alexandra
Scarduzio, Michael
Schaad, Christine
Schad, Samantha
Schaefer, Erin
schaefer, steven
Schaffel, Alexander
Schaffer, Gregory
Schaulewicz, David
Schavio, Brad
Schepitsky, Sophia
Schiaffo, Joanna
Schier, Elyse
Schiff, Lane
Schilowitz, Daniel
Schimpf, Christopher
Schindler, Sarah
Schlaf, Morris
Schlafer, Andrea
Schlan, Max
Schnaars, Jeffrey
Schnader, Jonathan
Schneer, Melissa
Schneider, Alex
Schneider, Lee
Schnur, Karen
Schommer, Matthew
Schonfeld, Alexandra
Schonfeld, Akiva
Schrader, Sarah
Schreiner, Miles
Schug, Cory
Schulman, Arieh
Schulman, Zachary
Schulman, Elie
Schulze, Janet
Schumeister, Daniel
Schuster, Rachel
Schwartz, Karissa
Schwartz, Zev
Schwartz, Heidi
Schwartz, Laura
Schwartz, Alix
Schwartz, Jonathan
Schwartzman, Polina
Schwartzman, Elizabeth
Schwarz, Ross
Sciancalepore, Steven
Sciarra, Suzanne
Sedehi, Desiree
Segal, Jaime
Segal, Adam
Segna, Andrew
Segrave-Primus, Andrew
Segro, Christina
Seidner, Adam
Selecky, Jessica
Seliskar, Suzanne
Seltzer, Peter
Sen, Amanda
Sen, Paula
Sena, Jason
Sertial, Heather
Seth, Binny
Settlemire, Kristen
Sgambati, Stephanie
Sgro, Danielle
Shackil, Joseph
Shafer, Meredith
Shaffer, Amanda
Shaffer, Rachel
Shah, Swetal
Shah, Ravin
Shah, Anand
Shah, Shan
Shah, Ravi
Shah, Liza
Shah, Arjun
Shah, Bhakti
Shalomova, Anna
Shamalov, Rachel
Shamis, Dmitry
Shanahan, Mallory
Shanghavi, Rutvij
Shapiro, Henry
Sharpe, Susan
Shatzkes, Tiffany
Shea, Maria
Shedd, Jenna
Sheehan, Matthew
Sheffield, Matthew
Sheller, Lauren
Shelowitz, Bradley
Shenassa, Melody
Sheoran, Tara
Sher, Brandon
Sheriffdeen, Bathiya
Sheril, David
Sherry, Diane
Shertzer, Amit
Sherwood, Robert
Shevin, Casey
Shiman, Don
Shin, Yeaji
Shin, Susan
Shinozaki, Emi
Shisler, Benjamin
Shnayder, Erica
Shockley, Tetra
Shookhoff, Alexandra
Shtilerman, Anna
Shue, Brian
Shulman, Elina
Shulman, Talia
Shusterhoff, Samuel
Sica, Vincent
Sicari, Mark
Sicklinger, Margaret
Siebers, Elliott
Sienko, David
Siesholtz, Colette
Sikora, Stephanie
Silpe, Emily
Silver, Damon
Silverman, Elyse
Silverman, Jessica
Silverman, Chelsea
Simmons, Benjamin
Simons, Brian
Simpson, Amanda
Simpson, Francis
Singh, Tripti
Sinisi, Jennifer
Sipio, William
Siva, Deeban
Skarbo, Stanislav
Skinner, David
Skriner, Charles
Skrypack, Christopher
Slavin, Richard
Sloan, Zachary
Slocum, Stephen
Smaldone, Valerie
Small, Bradley
Smalls, Steven
Smedley, D.
Smigelsky, Justin
Smith, Renee
Smith, Antonio
Smith, Ariana
Smith, Caitlin
Smith, Alyssa
Smith, Russell
Smith, Hans
Smith, Dorian
Smith, Justin
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Michael
Smola, Susan
Smolow, Joshua
Smolyar, Victoria
Smook, Andrew
Snow, Mitchell
Snyder, Cody
Sobczyk, Sylvia
Sobelman, Robert
Sodano, Nicole
Soens, Matthew
Soffer, Michael
Soffer, Cara
Sohn, David
Solfanelli, Matthew
Solis, Harold
Solomon, Matthew
Solop, Elliot
Soltren, Adan
Somoza, Jamie
Sopher, Paul
Soto, Nicholas
Souchik, Laura
Sourifman, Skyler
Sozio, Robert
Sozio, Kate
Spada, Steven
Sparano, Jamie
Sparer, Gregory
Spector, Alyssa
Spellman, Patrick
Spence, Robert
Spence, Keith
Spencer, Helga
Spero, Lindsay
Spies, Jeffrey
Spillane, Megan
Spira, Benjamin
Spittal, Matthew
Spitz, William
Spivak, Ernest
Srolovitz, Noam
Stabler, Jessica
Stamper, Lucianna
Stanisz, Janine
Stanton, Michael
Stark, Dustin
Stathakos, Panagiota
Stathes, Nicholas
Stauffer, Ryan
Stearns, Ryan
Stein, Matthew
Steinberg, Alexander
Steiner, Yael
Steiner, Martin
Steiner, Brandon
Steinmetz, Adam
Steins, Lauren
Steitz, Mark
Stengel, Timothy
Stephenson, Yamicha
Steppacher, Marissa
Sternbach, Adam
Sternberg, John
Sternberg, Nitzan
Sternheim, Michael
Sternhell, Shimon
Stewart, Tiffany
Stewart, DeVoia
Stockman, Jon
Stokes, Madeleine
Stollen, Mia
Stone, Lauren
Stopper Soto, Kirsten
Storch, Steven
Stouffer, Chad
Stratton, Nicholas
Straus, Miriam
Strickland, Melissa
Stroh, Carl
Strohm, Zachary
Stuart, Brendan
Sugarman, Nathaniel
Sullivan, Terrence
Sullivan, Nicole
Sullivan, Shane
Sullivan, D.
Sulock, Alesia
Sundar, Hari
Suresh, Deepak
Sutton, Abe
Sverdlov, Katya
Svokos, Erini
Sweeney, John
Sweeney, Anna
Sweeney, Geoffrey
Sweeney, Patrick
Swim, Colleen
Sworen, Jordan
Sylvia, Ryan
Symia, Edriana
Tafila, Michael
Takach, Joseph
Takai, Alexandra
Talley, Ashley
Tambone, Nicholas
Taranto, Ruth
Tarei, Alicia
Tarlecki, Francis
Tasher, Samuel
Tatoyan, Karine
Tavares, Luciane
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Philip
Tchaikovsky, Roman
Teatom, Kristen
Tedesco, Lauren
Tedesco, Brittany
Teeter, Matthew
Teich, Jared
Tenenbaum, Jason
Tensen, Harleigh
Tepper, David
Teresh, Dimitri
Terk, Mitchell
Termini, Jessica
Tersigni, Julie
Teter, Matthew
Tewani, Kunal
Thaker, Kanan
Thau, David
Thayer, William
Theranger, Margaret
Thomas, Nairobi
Thomas, Heather
Thomas, Ian
Thomas, Danielle-Ann
Thomas, Mourin
Thompson, Stephen
Thompson, Katharine
Thornton, Tiffany
Tice, Amy
Timbers, Karl
Timmerman, Jason
Tiwari, Ananya
Tjang, Jessica
Toal, Matthew
Toboulidis, Pauline
Toledano, Kelly
Toledano, Enbar
Tolin, Adam
Tomm, Christie
Topaz, Richard
Tornberg, Alyssa
Torosian, Linda
Torre, Ashley
Totzke, Lindsay
Toyer, Matthew
Train, Erin
Tran, Andrew
Tran, Abraham
Traugott, Jesse
Trawinski, Kathleen
Trego, Garrett
Trela, Rebecca
Trembley, Brian
Tremer, Brian
Trifelitti, Ryan
Triola, Leah
Troxel, Jeremy
Tsakrios, Georgina
Tse, Anna
Tsibelman, Helen
Tsolakidis, Nicole
Tsourous, Helena
Tucker, Stephen
Tull, Nicole
Tumolo, Louis
Tutnauer, Michael
Udofia, Imoh
Ulis, Stan
Utuk, Rex
Vacchio, Phillip
Vahabi, Amanda
Valach, Anthony
Valantassis, John
Van Arsdale, Rachele
Van Houten, Lindsay
Van Houter, Andrew
Van Rossum, Marrielle
Vanderhoef, Kimberly
Varro, Timothy
Vays, Alexander
Vazquez, Andrea
Vega, Jared
Veneziano, Paul
Venezia-Walerstein, Shara
Veno, Nicole
Vera, Paola
Vergara, Christina
Vertullo, Jessica
Vickers, Toby
Vidale, Kenrick
Vieira, John
Villacastin, Andrew
Vilner, Dmitry
Vineis, Frank
Vining, Pat
Vislocky, Nicholas
Vitale, Michael
Vitalo, Nicholas
Vivinetto, Unitah
Vodovis, Maayan
Vogel, Louis
Vollkommer, Richard
Volz, Rebecca
Vorhis, Kevin
Voss, Philip
Vyas, Megha
Vyas, Tara
Vyrkin, Ekaterina
Wachs, Eric
Wachspress, Yonatan
Wachtenheim, Denille
Wagner, David
Wahba, Stephanie
Wahi, Aikta
Walker, Laura
Wall, Carolyn
Wallace, Abigail
Wallen, Brian
Walrond, Aubrielle
Walsh, Christina
Walsh, Kathryn
Walsh, Meredith
Walters, Meaghan
Walters, Kimberly
Waltzer, Samuel
Wane, Valerie
Wang, Xujie
Wang, Serenity
Ward, Yumekia
Warren, Kenneth
Washington, Alichia
Washington, Kimberly
Waters, Benjamin
Watts, Shawn
Wauldon, Gwaina
Weaderhorn, Jason
Weatherston, Jay
Weaver, Cynthia
Weber, Christopher
Weg, Jeremy
Weimer, Saranne
Weinberg, Kyle
Weinberg, Steven
Weiner, Alex
Weiner, Joseph
Weinheim, Cheryl
Weinstein, Mara
Weinstein, Zev
Weinstein, Charles
Weir-Voronov, Victor
Weisman, Pamela
Weisman, Alison
Weiss, Daniel
Weiss, Richard
Weissman, Lara
Welde, Ernest
Weller, Lindsey
Wellerstein, Elisha
Welt, Samuel
Werner, Matthew
Wester, Thomas
Wheeland, Jonathan
Wheeland, Brieanna
White, Gabrielle
White, Jared
Whiting, Zachary
Whitney, Daniel
Wiegand, Stephanie
Wieselthier, Sarah
Wigglesworth, Catherine
Wilberscheid, Jonathan
Wilf, Elana
Williams, June
Williams, Jessica
Williams, Eric
Williams, Marcus
Williams, Morgan
Williams, Michael
Williams, Larry
Williamson, James
Willis, Austin
Wilson, Danielle
Wilson, Jacqueline
Wilson, Blake
Wilson, Siwatu
Wilson, Rachel
Wilson, Damias
Wilson, Brittany
Winchester, Lauren
Wine, Joanna
Winograd, Ian
Wise, James
Wishner, Stephen
Wishnick, Ethan
Wisniewski, Daniel
Wisse, Robert
Withers, Zachary
Witsch, Michael
Wohlgelernter, Sholom
Wohlrab, Charles
Wohlstadter, David
Wolf, Jamie
Wolfe, Miriam
Wolfe, Amanda
Wolk, Ilana
Wolosoff, Nicole
Wong, Kadeen
Wong, Ilan
Wood, Alexandra
Woodill, Ashley
Woosley, Paul
Wooten, Sara
Woronoff, Arielle
Wright, Tamara
Wright, David
Wright, Kristina
Wrynn, Lily
Yakhnis, Irina
Yang, Liu
Yanni, Vincent
Yantko, Samantha
Yeh, Stephenie
Yesner, Scott
Yoa, Edward
Yochay, Netta
Yockel, Seth
Yoo, Jessica
Yoo, Hokon
Yoon, Hyung-Mo
Young, Natalie
Young, Cindy
Young, Amy
Young, Caitlin
Yousef, Ismail
Yu, Wonyoung
Yu, Mark
Yuabov, Elina
Zack, Kathleen
Zacker, Jeremy
Zadie, Jillian
Zafar, Madiha
Zahner, Zachary
Zalin, Jessica
Zandsberg, Maya
Zangrilli, Joseph
Zappala, Mark
Zaroovabeli, Justin
Zator, Marissa
Zaydel, Boris
Zelman, Yitzchak
Zemsky, Richard
Zettlemoyer, Michael
Zhang, Linda
Zhang, Daina Amaryllis
Zheng, Shao
Zheng, Doen
Zhou, Yin
Zieba, Joanna
Zielinski, Patrick
Zimmer, Daniel
Zimmern, Zachary
Zink, Lauren
Zisholtz, Jeremy
Zoltan, Ariella
Zoupaniotis, Irene
Zowin, Alex
Zucker, Sara
Zuppa, Thomas
Zwaan, Elizabeth
Zweig, Naftali


July 2017 Successful Candidates


Candidates who passed the examination must refer to their user home pages for specific information regarding their eligibility for admission.  Please note that passing the examination does NOT automatically admit you to practice law in New Jersey.  It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided.


Of the 915 applicants that sat for the exam, results were sent to 911.  Of the 911, 597 or 65.53% passed.


Abate, Bethanna
Abbott, John
Adams, Kyle
Adams, Edward
Agrapidis, Paul
Aimutis, Philip
Akinola, Janet
Albano, Ashley
Albertson, Kevin
Alfonso, Samantha
Alimehri, Amir
Allen, Joshua
Allen, William
Almeida, Brandon
Alvarez, Nedda
Alvarez, Daniel
Amin, Latchmi
Anaman, Kojo
Anderson, Andrew
Andreozzi, Lindsey
Arakelian, Mark
Arrabito, James
Ashley, Stephanie
Assaraf, Daniel
Avellan, Alexander
Avello, Vanessa
Ayes, Robert
Baker, Taylor
Bakhet, Evan
Balkus, Edward
Barbetta, Timothy
Barker, Adam
Baron, Hannah
Basch, Avraham
Basista, Kristen
Baumgartner, Justin
Beaufort, Bria
Behar, Jason
Bell, Kevin
Bellamy, Justin
Benjamin, Joshua
Bennett, Anna
Benz, Allison
Beye, Amberly
Bhargava, Nikita
Bhavsar, Kishan
Blacks, Phenique
Blanco, Pedro
Bland, Lauren
Blount, Kelly
Bogle, Elizabeth
Bognar, Samantha
Bonfiglio, Peter
Bonica, Jason
Borbi, John
Boston, Jerome
Boulton, John
Bove, Gianna
Brackins, Kandace
Bravo, Alexandra
Brazer, Neil
Brennan, Francis
Broderick, Ryan
Brody, Edward
Brown, Brian
Brown, Jase
Brown, Faye
Brownell, Taylor
Buchheister, Daniel
Bujnowski, Dolores
Burke, John
Burke, Thomas
Butler, Stephanie
Calin, Sadé
Cambilis, Stilianos
Campanile, Kyle
Campoli, Carly
Camporeale, Nicole
Campos, Benjamin
Cappello, Melissa
Carbone, Daniel
Carlucci, Carl
Carosiello, Jessica
Carrelli, Alexis
Carson, Kathleen
Castiglia, Patsy
Castrelos, Samantha
Cedrone, Michael
Cereijo, Dianna
Chamaa, Tareef
Charlat, Richard
Chaviano, Daniella
Cheever, Lauren
Chehata, Susanna
Christian, Deanna
Chu, Jomini
Chung, Elizabeth
Chung, Jason
Cipriani, Joseph
Clemente, Joseph
Coddington, Justyn
Coghlan, Thomas
Collins, Mary-Kate
Collis, Michael
Comas, Nadya
Conforti, Michael
Conn, Alyssa
Conrad, Christopher
Conti, Genna
Coppens, Holly
Coppola, David
Cordeiro, Tracey
Corman, Samuel
Corrales, Edumin
corro, christian
Cortes, Maria
Cosgrove, Erin
Costantino, Kennedy
Crichton, Kory
Crossley, Peter
Crotty, Melissa
Crowley, Nicole
Cuellar, Bianca
Cuprzinski, Sarah
D'Agincourt, Gregory
D'Alessandro, Anthony
D'Amato, Cristina
D'Angelo, Sheri
D'Olimpio, Lily
Dach, Benjamin
Dais, Asha
Daniels, Stephen
Davis, Aaron
Davis, Kirsten
Davis, Catlin
Dawkins, Latoya
Day, Justin
De La Fuente, Ronald James
de Stefan, Lindsey
DeAnna, Marissa
Degnan, Kaitlyn
Del Buono, Annamaria
Delarosa, Ruby
DeLaurentis, Dominic
Deleasa, Christina
Dellera, Joseph
DeLuca, Richard
DeMarco, Kyle
Devole, Kamela
Dewland, Christina
Di Maio, Franco
Di Stefano, Marco
DiBenedetto, Michael
DiCicco, Katherine
Dickson, Tara
DiLeo, Dominic
DiLiberto, Ashley
DiLoreto, Anthony
Dinur, Alexander
Doering, Raquel
Dolan, Shannon
Doll, Joseph
Domgjoni, Ardinez
Dooling, Douglas
Dorum, Victoria
Driscoll, Elizabeth
Duffy, Ryan
Dugan, Jessica
Dugger, Stephanie
Eaddy, Khalil
Eckenrode, Daniel
Edwards, Earyn
Edwards, Joshua
Edwards-Balfour, Carlyle
Ehresman, Alexxys
Elias Nava, Carla
Elliott, Christian
Esposito, Keith
Exposito Quirch, Natali
Eydlish, Alena
Farinella, Philip
Farrell, Devon
Fatima, Misbahul
Fedorchak, Alexis
Feinberg, Zachary
Ferguson, Elizabeth
Ferstenberg, Tova
Feuerstein, Mark
Fietkiewicz, Jocelyn
Finkelstein, Daniel
Fisher, Michael
fishman, jesse
Fitzhenry, John
Flammer, George
Fogler, Michael
Fojut, Corryn
Fontanella, Christin
Ford, Brooke
Formichella, Jessica
Forrest, Benjamin
Foulks, John
Fox, Ross
Franchetti, Nicholas
Frankel, Roger
Franklin, Alexis
Freeman, Eddie
Friedman, Daniel
Friedman, Shauna
Frieri, Spenser
Gainey, John
Gallagher, Alisha
Galvan, Robert
Gamboa, Derek
Garcia, Laura
Garcia, Jorge
Gardella, Michael
Gardner, Dananai
Gelbert, Gabrielle
Gemma, Nicholas
Genay, Matthieu
Gilligan, Brian
Gilmore, Kevin
Giordano, Timothy
Giosa, Lea
Glaser, Brittany
Goetsch, Dylan
Goldring, Erica
Graber, Robert
Grady, Erin
Grapstul, William
Green, Jordan
Green, Jacob
Griffin, Devin
Guastella, Peter
Guillen-Walsh, Fatima
Gullo, Melissa
Gurule, Kendall
Haggerty, Samantha
Hagner, Michael
Haines, Keith
Handley, Michael
Hanke, Chelsea-Lee
Hardwrick, Dominique
Hartnett, Seton
Haskins, Matthew
Haupt, Andrew
Havern, Sean
Hawkins, Richard
Hazel, Searra
Hearon, James
Hector, Angel
Heffron, Claude
Heller, Benjamin
Henkel, Arthur
Hewitt, Daniel
Himelson, Jeffrey
Hobbie, Robert
Hobson, Ashley
Hoglund-Shen, Abigail
Hubbard, Lex
Huertas, Elyla
Humphries, Jesse
Hunte, Janae
Hylton, Jeremy
Hynes, Princeton
Incle, David
Indoe, Stephen
Ingenito, Alison
Islam, Fahmida
Jadick, Andrew
Jaffe, Rebecca
Jaffe, Joshua
Jani, Krishna
Jankielewicz, Staci
Jereb, Alanna
Jimenez, Alexander
Johnson, Jacqueline
Johnson, David
Johnson, Maxx
Johnston, Mary
Jones, Timothy
Jones, Erika
Jones-Jacques, Brooke
Joseph, Stephen
Joyce, Alexa
Julceus, Markiana
Kalinowski, Richard
Kalman, Sarah
Kapitko, Sarah
Kasuri, Simran
Kazam, Elizabeth
Kean, Brian
Keane-Dawes, Kelley
Kearney, Jennifer
Keiser, Kristy
Keleher, Louis
Kelly, Brendan
Kessler, Gordon
Khallouf, Ruby
Khan, Abdul Rehman
Khorozian, Zare
Kim, Alexander
Kim, Thomas
Kingston, Katarina
Klein, Yehuda
Klimberg, Steven
Knicely-Quito, Autumn
Knish, Kelsey
Kole, Jeffrey
Koodray, Joshua
Koruba, Kimberly
Kotarski, Ashley
Krachun, Jeffrey
Kraft, Kathleen
Krasteva, Iva
Kresin, Sierra
Krupa, Eric
Kuhrt, David
Kulick, Weston
Kundrat, John
Kuperschmidt, Tiffany
Kurpiewski, Michael
Laberdee, Antonino
LaBrutto, Corey
Lacey, John
Laconi, Patrick
Lamb, Rachel
Lamb, Justin
Landau, Stacy
Lang, Neal
Lara, Brian
Lario, Michael
Lazzaro, Jaclyn
Lee, Monica
Lee, Daniel
Leung, Jennifer
Levin, Ephram
Lieberman, Jesse
Lingad, Loreal
Liu, Xiaoxi
Loi, Eric
Lombardi, Christopher
Louis, Kayla
Loures, Margaux
Ludwig, Christina
Luhn, Abigail
Luppino, Philip
Lusardi, Arielle
Lutz, Brian
Lyons, Jacquelyn
Macaluso, Alexandra
MacFeeters, Robert
Mackson, Philip
Macro, Laura
Maharaj, Rudolph
Mahler, Morgan
Makar, Mark
Maltese, Kaitlyn
Malysa, Matthew
Marcus, Aaron
Maressa, Matthew
Marrazo, Joseph
Marsico, Joseph
Martin, Karlee
Martinez, Carlos
Martinez, Vanessa
Martolano, Justine
Massaro, Jeffrey
Mathew, Lovin
Maziarz, Pawel
Mazza, Christopher
Mazza, Nicholas
McCann, Whitney
McDonald, Mitchell
McGowan, Robert
McGroarty, Kiera
McGuckin, Kelsey
McHale, Timothy
McKeegan, Brian
McKnight, Camille
McNamara, Stephen
Mendes-Ferreira, Camila
Merkowsky, Morgan
Miawad, Mina
Miawad, Marian
Michaelsen, Marisa
Miles, Alana
Miller, Daniel
Minicozzi, Corinne
Morris, Jennifer
Morris, Kathryn
Morsy, Adam
Mpela-Thompson, Dineo
Muglia, Alfonse
Muhammed, Bisma
Murugan, Sheila
Najib, Sami
Nalwa, Jannat
Nazir, saba
Noble, Brian
Nugent, Monica
O'Brien, Michael
O'Gorman, John
O'Hearn, Christopher
O'Keeffe, Kristen
O'Mara, Melissa
Oakley, Imani
Ochner, Margaret
Okoye, Steven
Olsen, Jacqueline
Opoku-Afrifa, Nana
Ortlieb, Adam
Ouellette, Conner
Paccione, Anais
Padgett, Jeffrey
Palma, Thomas
Panfile, Lauren
Paolillo, Dana
Paolini, Anthony
Papazian, Robert
Parziale, Daniel
Patel, Kajal
Patel, Ankita
Pellegrino, Nicholas
Peng, Xuemei
Perechocky, Esther
Perez, Jason
Picciallo, Lauren
Pienciak, Adam
Pierre-Louis, James
Pinto, Raul
Pirog, Kyle
Pollak, Yaakov
Pollioni, Annabel
Popova, Nina
Potter-Strait, Tristan
Premus, Jason
Prevete, Derek
Preziosa, Emily
Provax, Anna
Puerta, Andres
Pujara, Amy
Purcell, Paige
Quinones, Ryan
Radbill, Joshua
Rahaman, Farah
Rashed, Marwan
Reagan, Matthew
Rehfuss, Patrick
Reichelt, Bailey
Reid, Philip
Reilly, Thomas
Rempusheski, Kristin
Renicker, Cole
Reyes, Nathania
Reynolds, Melissa
Rice, James
Riede, Madison
Rioux, Charles
Rivera, Christopher
Rivon, Marquise
Rodriguez, Nicolas
Rogan, Kristina
Roque, Timothy
Rose, Herschel
rosen, michelle
Rosencrans, Amanda
Rothstein, Steven
Ruan, Angela
Rubenstein, Rachel
Rubin, Lauren
Ruiz, Brian
Rullo, Michael
Saad, Iman
Sachs, Amy
Saferstein, Brent
Saggurti, Anita
saginario, kimberly
Salami, Victoria
Salemme, Christopher
Samra, Aya
Sanderson, Tara - De
Sandora, Niccole
Sarofiem, Mekhail
Sarraga, Eric
Sarris, George
Savacool, Steven
Savercool, Ryan
Sayeh, Maurice
Scarillo, Edward
Schiraldi, Patricia
Schmitt, Emily
Schwartz, Samuel
Schwartz, Dianna
Schwartz, Amanda
Scott, Randolph
Scriven, Rosalyn
Scuilli, Michael
Scull, John
Sellinger, David
Sells, Michael
Shadinger, Jon
Shadle, Charles
Shafiei, Immon
Shah, Nakul
Sharp, Lauren
Shea, Kevin
Sheely, Lindsay
Sheflin, Michael
Shinn, Dianna
Shoolbraid, Sean
Shovlin, James
Shumaker, Chelsea
Shute, Natalie
Siddique, Yumna
Singh, Rasmeet
Sjogren, Jeffrey
Smith, Lori
Smith, Te
Smith, Matthew
Snyder, Jayne
Solomon, David
Soloperto, Adam
Sonricker, Andrew
Sopko, Jacqueline
Spallanzani, Nicolette
Sparano, Jessica
St. Marie, Paul
Stern, Jonathan
Stewart, Jonathan
Stimmel, Joseph
Stone, Richard
Strickler, Porter
Stripp, Christina
suazo, marky
Suchanek, Joseph
Suckno, Adam
Sullivan, Douglas
Sullivan, Bryan
Sullivan, Nicholas
Suzuki, Emi
Swati, Alvina
Swayze, Anne Marie
Swirsky, Evan
Swogier, Jillian
Syed, Arij
Taboada, Brian
Talbot, Jeffrey
Talbot, Kevin
Tamayo, Andrew
Tanner, Drew
Tartaglia, Joseph
Telson, David
Terranova, Jaclyn
Thomas, Matthew
Thorn, Madeline
Tietz, Thomas
Tisdale, Patrice
Tonzola, Matthew
Topazio, Gioia
Tornetta, Sarah
Tosi, Sara
Trnovska, Dona
Tsai, Tony
Tsigounis, Simone
Valentine, Jeffrey
Varghese, Rebecca
Vasquez Catota, Liliana
Vender, Jonathan
Viola, Stephanie
Vitarelli, Victoria
Vizzard, Veronica
Voorhees, John
Wagenblast, Craig
Wagner, Rachel
Weathers, Benjamin
Weber, Kelly
Westwood-Booth, Michael
Wisotsky, Shira
Wust, Natalie
Yacoub, Martina
Yandach, Diane
Yerke, Erin
Yoon, Ji Won
Younes, Dina
Youngworth-Wright, Logan
Zapf, Stephen
Zaremba, Justin
Zavala, Carla
Zhang, Allan
Zirkle, April
Zoldan, Solomon
Zuck, Jordan




New Jersey and New York now reciprocal for motion applicants

Attorneys admitted in New York who meet all other admission on motion requirements may now apply via motion to New Jersey.  Please make certain you meet ALL requirements as fees are non-refundable.  The fee to apply by motion is $1,500.

Admission by Motion

Admission by Motion is effect as of September 1, 2016.  Interested applicants should read all of the information before applying.  Fees are non-refundable.  To view the application and requirements, click on the Application Forms tab.  The Admission on Motion application is located on the top right of the screen.  Applicants can browse the forms and information from this screen.  In order to submit an application, applicants must first register.  Applicants can click on "Reciprocal Jurisdictions" to determine if they are admitted in state that has agreed to reciprocity with New Jersey.  Please note that many states are still making this determination.  Check back frequently if you state is not listed.  Applicants who are uncertain if their prior practice qualifies them for admission may request a pre-application determination using the Request for Pre-Approval of Prior Practice Form, which can be found under "Browse Forms."

UBE Score Transfer Applications are Open

Applications for UBE Score Transfer are open.  Applicants who meet all requirements may apply using a qualifying UBE score from another UBE jurisdictions.  The score attained must be 266 or greater and must have been earned in the UBE jurisdiction after it became a UBE jurisdiction (scores from bar examinations in a UBE state BEFORE it became a UBE state DO NOT qualify).

Administrative Determination - Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), Admission on Motion and Metadata

Click here to read the Supreme Court's Administrative Determination

July 2016 Examination and UBE Applicants

Applicants who applied for the July 2016 New Jersey examination and have indicated that they are taking the examination in a state offering the UBE this July will receive information by the end of the week regarding options for the July 2016 New Jersey examination.  Please do not call the office to inquire about these options.  You will receive an update to your User Home Page no later than Friday, April 22, 2016.


Thank you.

New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners

Uniform Bar Examination

The New Jersey Supreme Court has adopted the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), beginning with the February 2017 administration of the exam.  Subject to forthcoming amendments to the Rules of Court, the Supreme Court has adopted the following related provisions for application using a transferred UBE score:

  • The score attained on the UBE examination must meet or exceed the minimum score requirements to pass the New Jersey bar examination of 266.
  • A completed application must be submitted within thirty-six (36) months of the date of the exam administration in which the UBE score was earned.  Consistent with the standard practice of other jurisdictions that have implemented the UBE, New Jersey will accept UBE scores earned prior to New Jersey’s first administration of the UBE (February 2017), provided the transfer application is timely and complies with all other requirements.
  • Each applicant shall be fingerprinted with respect to each application in accordance with rules prescribed by the Board.
  • Each applicant shall provide satisfactory evidence that the applicant is more than 18 years of age.
  • Each applicant shall provide, in a manner prescribed by the Board, certification by a duly authorized officer of the applicant's law school that it is approved by the American Bar Association and that it has awarded the applicant a Juris Doctor degree or its equivalent.
  • Each applicant must provide satisfactory evidence that the applicant is a member of the bar in good standing in every other jurisdiction which has ever admitted the applicant to practice.
  • Each applicant shall pay all required fee(s) established by the Board.

In addition, each applicant must be certified by the Committee on Character and present proof of having attained a qualifying score on the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Examination (currently 75) or passage of an approved course on professional ethics given by an American Bar Association-accredited law school.

Additional information regarding the UBE can be found at the National Conference of Bar Examiners website (  In addition, the Board of Bar Examiners website ( has included information on the UBE and will continue to update the UBE information.  UBE applications are expected to be available October 1, 2016.

Applications for the July 2016 Bar Examination are now OPEN

Candidates may now apply for the July 2016 New Jersey Bar Examination.  The deadline for submitting a timely application, with the requisite fee of $575, has been extended to April 22, 2016.  The fee for applications received after that date is $1,100, and the final application deadline is April 30, 2016.

Note:  The Board of Bar Examiners will administer the New Jersey bar examination in July 2016*.  The Supreme Court of New Jersey created the Ad Hoc Committee on the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) to review and recommend to the Court whether, going forward, New Jersey should adopt the UBE as a replacement for the state’s existing bar examination format.  The Ad Hoc Committee submitted its Report and Recommendations, which have been published on the Judiciary’s Website (, and the Court has requested written comments from the legal community and interested members of the public by March 31, 2016.  The Board of Bar Examiners cannot anticipate whether the Supreme Court will make a decision regarding the UBE prior to April 22, 2016.  Candidates who aspire to New Jersey licensure in 2016 must be prepared to submit their completed application by April 22, 2016, and to sit for the New Jersey bar examination in July 2016, as in past years.  Thus, such candidates should have the character and fitness questionnaire completed and ready for submission well in advance of April 22 to ensure that they can meet that application deadline.


* Notwithstanding the determination of the Supreme Court regarding the UBE, the July 2016 New Jersey bar examination will be held on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 and Thursday, July 28, 2016 and will NOT be a UBE examination.





Admission on Motion

The New Jersey Supreme Court has adopted Admission on Motion.  At this time, an effective date for such admission has not been established.  Implementation must await the adoption of Court Rules.  Please check this website periodically for updates.

General Site Instructions and Information

Our General Site Instructions which can be found under the Exam tab have been revised.  It is imperative that you read this information before the exam.

New Jersey is approved as a

New Jersey was recently granted "recognized jurisdiction" status with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) of England and Wales.  Once a jurisdiction is approved as a Recognized Jurisdiction, attorneys from that jurisdiction can apply to the SRA directly to be certified as Registered Foreign Lawyers (RFLs).  Their website can be accessed at  The Board of Bar Examiners will provide the required information to the SRA after a New Jersey attorney has completed the application with the SRA.

Browser Information

Please note that an upgrade to the website has caused the website to display poorly when using older browsers.  Please use Google Chrome, Firefox, or the latest version of Internet Explorer if you are having problems viewing this web page.

List of Attorneys Reinstated after Administrative Revocation

The following attorneys have been reinstated after being administratively revoked.  Historical data is included and listed by year of reinstatement.  Each year hereafter, an annual list of attorneys reinstated during the calendar year will be published by January 31st of the following year.


Year Name Attorney ID
2006 Andrew J. Borresen 031481983
2006 Fred Newman 017001975
2006 John Z. Marangos 037781983
2006 Meryl Napach 027461995
2006 Nancy A. Lester 036991986
2006 Vincent A. Albunio 036011990
2008 Alan K. Glantz 022091999
2008 Carole Ann Hafferty 011261991
2008 Daniel Morrison 004201988
2008 Gary Shendell 015461994
2008 Jamison E. Colburn 016951997
2008 Karen Ann Bauman 018481991
2008 Margaret Anne Wilson a/k/a Margaret Wilson Heldring 001501984
2008 Marianne D. Cary f/n/a Marianne D. Hatcher 011901999
2008 Paul James Savarese 008521990
2008 Raleigh Douglas Herbert 040981994
2008 Sheila Thomas-Benson 042241989
2008 Tara A. Roscioli 020491997
2008 Therol Linette Dix 005171994
2009 David E. Bloom 011421993
2009 Dilip Babubhai Patel 021461996
2009 Eve Lynn Newman 006051988
2009 James E. Ryan 034711995
2009 Nancy E. Wolff 017701981
2009 Preetinder S. Bharara 048001993
2009 Robert E. Brody 027451991
2009 Sandra L. Bonder 047531990
2009 Tara Ann Butler 007241999
2010 Jason Blinkoff 049541998
2010 Kristian Karl Larsen 052401997
2010 Laurie J. Besden 014051999
2010 Reid I. Howell 038301996
2010 Shirley Dickstein 012201988
2011 Donald Leo 045741991
2011 Ernest Errigo 033911986
2011 James P. Hughes Jr. 016022000
2011 Keith L. Anderson 011591986
2011 Keri Anne Jones (McCoy) 047311995
2011 Mark Edward Stabile 003311997
2011 Michael John Lynch 046372004
2011 Noceeba Donnetta Southern 027871995
2011 Raymond A. Petruccelli 024932001
2011 Robin Feingold Singer 039601987
2011 Sonya Angela Johnston 013541992
2011 Stacey Alisa Simon 047751998
2011 Victor Vedmed 050331998
2012 Barbara Ann Murphy 001892001
2012 Bonnie Lord 026801991
2012 Erik T. Koons 021301998
2012 Joan Marie Laux 022291996
2012 Keriann Masters 038072002
2012 Susan F. Bateman 011001985

Uploading supplemental documents

Once you have submitted your on line application, an "Upload Documents" button will appear on your User Home Page at the bottom of System Messages.  Use this feature to upload your supplemental documents, such as driver's abstracts, copies of records, etc.  Supplemental documents must be submitted by February 1st but should be uploaded as soon as possible.

Please note:  law school certificates must be printed, you must fill out and sign the top portion and give it to your law school.  They will send directly to us.

MBE Transfers - Information and Address

If you have not already requested your MBE score transfer for the February exam, please do so immediately.  Grading will be delayed for those who do not transfer their score.


July applicants, make sure to arrange for your score transfer by July 1st!


Please use EITHER address when completing MBE transfer forms for score transfers into New Jersey:


Board of Bar Examiners

Justice Complex

25 West Market St., 8th Fl, North Wing

Trenton, NJ 08611


Board of Bar Examiners

PO Box 973

Trenton, NJ  08625-0973

Bar exam graders

The New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners seeks New Jersey admitted attorneys to grade essays written for the New Jersey Bar Exam administered each July.  Candidates must have ten or more years of legal experience, possess strong writing skills, enjoy working with others as well as on their own, and be able to meet tight deadlines.  Candidates must be available to work during the months of August, September, and October.


The Board of Bar Examiners maintains an active list of resumes for review when openings occur.  To apply for future openings, please submit your cover letter and resume to