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Computer Based Testing

At this time, the Board of Bar Examiners has determined that no additional fee for TIMELY laptop registration will be charged.  Please check the website for updates regarding the registration process.  The use of a laptop is not considered an accommodation request, separate registration for the laptop program is required whether requesting an accommodation or not.  The software will be not be available for download until approximately the second week of January for the February exam and the second week of June for the July exam.  A separate email will be sent notifying you when the software is available for download.



Laptop Registration Deadlines
Filing Deadline February Exam July Exam Fees
Approximate Opening Laptop Registration Date
December 5
May 4
December 5 - December 31  
May 4  - May 31 
First Late
January 1 - January 7 
May 31 - June 7 
Final Deadline - No Exceptions
January 8 - January 15
June 7 - June 14